Zotye b11f named T600 version of the city a new interior design – Auto Sohu pretty rhythm

Zotye B11F named T600 version of the city a new interior design – Sohu automobile Sohu [car   car]; recently we herd Thailand Thai public official was informed that after the launch of the internal code name for " B11F" the new SUV models will be named the Zotye T600 version of the city, the new location will be higher than the current sale of T600 models. From the exposure of design, Zotye T600 version of the urban design elements similar to the Thai T600 version of the sport, but the new front grille design Zotye new family style grille, thick, on both sides with LED daytime running lights, headlights, the overall feeling stronger. In addition, the new car front bumper also more three-dimensional, regional fog lamp grille is increased by a group of LED daytime running lights. Side, the biggest highlight of this model is the tail of the suspension roof design.   tail, Zotye B11F taillights and front face echo, internal " C" the tail light source word structure is very young. Including the upper tail of the rear spoiler, rear bumper, three-dimensional style personality exhaust layout and rear diffuser style highlights the car’s young positioning. Power: the new car is expected to be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T two engines, the maximum power of 162 horsepower and a total of 190 horsepower, in the transmission system is matched with the 5 speed manual and dual speed dual clutch gearbox. It is reported that the future of the Thai city T600 version will be with the Thai T600, T600 sports version of a comprehensive product line offensive market. (responsible editor: often laugh)相关的主题文章: