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Zhengzhou ten youth volunteer team share: to do better in public – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Zhengzhou on 20 September, (Wang Qiulan) "all people want their business development, can grow, but I hope my career one day to do ‘bankruptcy’, I believe that when this day comes. No society again" drowning incident "occurred, people’s life will be more beautiful," this is the Red Cross volunteer water rescue team in Zhengzhou city about Niu Zhenxi in the mentioned obligations in the rescue work. The 20 day, held in Zhengzhou City Youth media and youth volunteers face-to-face activities, Zhengzhou city peace Volunteers Association, and Kim Young Zhengzhou city center and dozens of mutual aid volunteer youth volunteer team responsible person together, share their volunteers on the road to some specific experiences and practices, hoping to achieve a charitable cause well, let the people who need help to get love and help. Niu Zhenxi and the Zhengzhou Red Cross volunteer water rescue team after more than 10 years’ development, from a small organizations have now become spontaneously organized and disciplined a strong team, the equipment has been gradually perfected. "People in the process of rescuing drowning, best between only four minutes, once over this time, drowning the hope of survival is very slim, but in the rescue process, both drowning in what kind of situation, before the medical identification in the doctor, we will try our best to salvage, because we always believe there are miracles." Niu Zhenxi said when he introduced his team. In addition to participating in the relief work, in order to allow people to recognize the dangers of drowning, the rescue team also to the various schools in the case of a way to promote. "I am in my words do you eye is a typical project and Zhengzhou city youth volunteer assistance center, which the blind to see the film activities have been carried out 39, in addition, the volunteers also took the blind man to travel to Taiwan, taught the blind using a mobile phone, computer, for the blind dumplings etc.. Zhengzhou city youth and mutual aid volunteer center responsible person believes that the blind life should not be so monotonous, should not be confined to a limited space, in fact, they wanted to drink a cup of coffee, a taste of the outside world. Zhengzhou city youth and mutual aid volunteer center responsible person said, a person can’t do great things, but a group of people have, hope that one day the blind do not rely on volunteers and life, we can see the blind man in the street can walk independently, do not need special volunteers, only every passerby will take the initiative to see ask a master, if you need help "and so on, this is the ultimate goal of all volunteers. As we all know, people do charity, charity is not difficult, the difficulty is how to charity, charity continue to do well. When people mention free porridge, we first thought is located in Zhengzhou City, Huang Jia An Cun love porridge house, so far, has lasted for three years. As of the first half of this year, a total of 109991 people love porridge come to free meals, and now Henan love porridge has been developed to the province, and even has been extended to Beijing, Liaoning and other places. At the forum, a short video of love相关的主题文章: