Zhejiang Yongkang value 2 million 400 thousand jade stolen, police solve the case on the same day – -reshacker

Zhejiang Yongkang jade worth 2 million 400 thousand stolen police the day of the Zhejiang police case – Sohu news Spring Festival to crack down on the crime reporter correspondent Chen Yi Yang Li yesterday, the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau informed the security situation during the Spring Festival: February 7th to 13, a total investment of security police 396 thousand people, more than half of the increase over last year. The Spring Festival this year, Zhejiang police crackdown against illegal crime. Lunar New Year’s Day (February 8th), Yongkang, lane two Nanyuan jade wholesale store large jade stolen, worth about 2400000 yuan. Police retrieved surveillance found that the evening of February 7th at 10:10 PM, the suspect appeared portable two heavy bag, riding an electric car to leave the golden. In February 8th 23 PM, the suspect Shen in a village near the city of South Street vegetable was arrested, he was put on a hundred pieces of jade stole buried in their own garden. Shen explained, he opened a clothing store on the opposite side of the crime jade shop, but don’t make much money, new year’s Eve drink, then zeixin played. Afraid of being monitored photographed, he also turn off the lights back alley…… 2 (February 9th), Ruian City homicide occurred in the community, Feng Ling Dong Long Cun Gao Lou Zhen, a father and daughter were killed with guns. 100 thousand yuan reward to hunt down the murderer Hu Jinli (male, born in 1982, the town of Wencheng County Guangming Yuhu village). At present, the suspects were arrested. The fifth day (February 12th), Ningbo Fenghua "2.12" Jiabei supermarket robbery, the local police successfully disposed of within 2 hours, the suspect was arrested.

浙江永康价值240万玉器被盗 警方当天破案-搜狐新闻  浙江警方春节严厉打击违法犯罪   通讯员 陈谊 记者 杨丽   本报讯 昨天,浙江省公安厅通报春节期间治安情况:2月7日至13日,累计投入安保警力39.6万人次,比去年增加了一半多。   今年春节,浙江警方严厉查处打击违法犯罪。   大年初一(2月8日),永康南苑二弄玉石批发店大量玉器被盗,价值240多万元。警方调取监控发现,2月7日晚10时10分许,嫌犯手提两袋重物出现,骑着一辆金色电动车离开。   2月8日23时左右,嫌犯沈某在市区江南街道某城中村菜地附近被警方抓获,他正在把偷来的上百件玉器埋在自家菜地里。   沈某交代,他在作案的玉石店对面开了家服装店,但赚的钱不多,除夕夜喝了点酒,便起了贼心。怕被监控拍到,他还关掉后门巷子的路灯……   初二(2月9日),瑞安市发生一起故意杀人案,在高楼镇枫岭社区东龙村,一对父女被人用土枪杀害。警方悬赏10万元追捕凶手胡进利(男,1982年生,文成县玉壶镇光明村人)。目前,嫌犯落网。   初五(2月12日),宁波奉化发生 “2.12”加贝超市抢劫案,当地警方在2个小时内成功处置,当场抓获犯罪嫌疑人。相关的主题文章: