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Four or five boxes of milk to drink every day in Zhangjiajie 2 year old girl was found kidney stones Strait news network October 29th 3 pm yesterday, the Ministry of the Third Hospital of Zhangzhou city hospital, 2 year old Hunan girl in (a pseudonym) lying on the bed, quietly fell asleep. Small in the right kidney had no small stones (circle) repeated abdominal pain, have a fever, toss the small in the past 5 months, the doctors finally found the culprit". Yesterday morning, through minimally invasive surgery, a small right kidney 1.5× 1 cm size stones were broken out. Small according to become the third city of Zhangzhou, the youngest patient with kidney stones. Small according to a family from Hunan, Zhangjiajie, parents work in Zhangzhou. In June this year, according to small began to feel abdominal pain, accompanied by fever. At first, the family thought it was just a common cold. But then, in accordance with the small number of repeated stomach pain, and repeated fever, the doctor opened the stomach to eat the medicine, she spit it out. October 18th, the family with a small child in accordance with the Third Hospital of Zhangzhou. The blood film examination, doctors found that small abdominal pain, fever caused by "murderer", was a stone of the right kidney. "Is actually the right renal ureteropelvic junction stones, blocking the exit of the cause, urinary tract infection, Department of Urology director Chen Chuancong introduction, about 1.5× of the stone head is not small; 1 cm, only through surgery to remove. After the early anti-inflammatory treatment, control of infection, fever, yesterday morning, the doctor to do minimally invasive surgery. Half an hour later, the doctor will break the stone, successfully removed. Four or five days later, Xiao Yi can be discharged. Only 2 years old child, how can kidney stone? Ms. Wu said, according to the small yet weaned, never eat milk, favorite drink, urine is very normal, but usually drink a certain brand of milk, "basically every meal drink, sometimes a day to drink a box, sometimes a day to drink four or five boxes". In this regard, Dr. Chen introduced, the reasons are manifold. For example, the local eating habits and the environment, if it is mountainous, desert, tropical areas, less water, water evaporation, easy to stone". The lack of vitamin A, genetic factors, but also cause stones. Chen Chuancong also said that if the children’s long-term consumption of substandard milk powder, drinks will be easy to form stones. Some of the marked milk drinks in the market, in fact, not fresh milk, but milk drinks, sweet and delicious, but children should not eat for a long time, otherwise it is easy to form stones. (reporter Chen Qingsong Jiang Dai Hoi haven (map) channel network): , is it true?相关的主题文章: