Zhang Yuancong crude oil production is frozen play mouth power gold callback 1340 4000dy

Zhang Yuancong: U.S. economic data are only given the dismal performance of crude oil production of frozen mouth power gold callback 1340 clients view the latest market announced yesterday evening, and the dollar index also continued performance of weak shocks, the dollar index fell and the rate hike is expected to further cool the market into a tonic. Affected by this, gold soared to $25, although there is no such a stunning performance of gold and silver, but also received a large column. 22:00 released last August, the United States in the employment market conditions index (LMCI) recorded -0.7, less than the expected value of 0. In addition, at the same time announced the U.S. September IBD consumer confidence index and the United States in August ISM non manufacturing PMI were lower than expected, while the United States in August ISM non manufacturing new orders index is a record low since the beginning of December 2013. LMCI includes 19 employment related indicators, including the unemployment rate and other important indicators, as well as the employment plan survey of such small indicators. It is a useful indicator of economic recession. Although this does not necessarily mean that there will be a recession, but if LMCI fell below zero, it is necessary to guard against the advent of recession. Historical data show that during the recession, LMCI data are negative and at a low point, LMCI index and the U.S. economy into recession is highly correlated. Data on the market is actually a lot of people are always missing or wrong, because there is no professional knowledge as foreshadowing, will always be after Zhuge, some people even don’t know what ISM is, do not know what it means to raise interest rates, or do not understand the LMCI employment data can decide what. After the announcement of this data, the September interest rate hike is still not yet closed the window of the agency, this time with the interest rate hike can be completely say goodbye. With Saudi Arabia and Russia on the G20’s ambiguous move was triggered by the rapid rise in oil prices in a short period of more than 4%, the impact of the freeze production agreement on the market sentiment once again reflect the most vividly. From the point of view of nature, frozen and non frozen production in Saudi Arabia is actually the same thing, will not affect the market share of Saudi arabia. Frozen production agreement for Saudi Arabia is an agreement to allow it to increase crude oil exports, and the real supply and demand fundamentals play a direct role in the oil exporting countries, crude oil production. Have to mention a problem is if a frozen production agreement, while Saudi Arabia continue to maintain the current 10 million 670 thousand barrels per day of crude oil production, so in September, Saudi Arabia has the ability to enhance the crude oil exports about 500 thousand barrels a day. As the OPEC property is frozen rumors from birth to death and death regeneration rhythm, make oil roller coaster market opened, and when the oil market downturn will start when the bear market, frozen production always surprises, a TV series protagonist aura of feeling, and regardless of how oil prices near $26, since the rebound has frozen production not, although April and September failed to reach, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Russia are relatively clear, although not frozen production support, given specific measures, but in September more mature situation, do not rule out the accident reached OPEC production. However, the short term, Saudi Arabia and Russia, if continued without giving specific measures, the effect will be ineffective mouth gun,.相关的主题文章: