Zhang Ruoyun could not afford to pay the rent father Zhang Jian did not give me any resources invictus gaming

Zhang Ruoyun had no money for the rent: father Zhang Jian didn’t give me what the new network resources – by Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun led the Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit, the role of the classic plot from time to time on the micro-blog hot search list. Just aired the drama focused, Tangshan sea (Zhang Ruoyun ornaments) in the process of escape personally ended the life of his teammates, in order to get the key dedication…… The fate of Tang Shanhai affects the hearts of the audience. With the end of the fantasy drama "has Cheonggu legend" and "Fox Kyushu sky" from the summer heat, Zhang Ruoyun continued. Debut early, a lot of rumors about Zhang Ruoyun, rich two generation, star generation and other labels have appeared in his body. For these "misunderstanding", Zhang Ruoyun joked: "in addition to it, take it as a ridiculous thing, what better way?" To unlock the lock? The sea of Tangshan can go to read the technical for days before hot lead "dedicated" to get the key to unlock the plot, netizens ridicule Zhang Ruoyun "you have the ability to sacrifice, you do not have the ability to learn the lock". In this regard, he responded with a smile: "you may use the perspective of God of War spy thriller writer, just write, what can I say? Tangshan sea can read the Lan Xiang school." "Sparrow" TV news at the same time, idol actor, Spy Drama has also been questioned. In Zhang Ruoyun’s view, "the young actor starred in the spy films not what is wrong, a little meat in the teeth of the storm in the past two years, I think it may always be controversial. Because it is an idol artist, the audience will inevitably discuss his debut is what kind of life is what kind of fans, what is the image of other works. When an actor is over know, it will affect the role of the audience’s sense of substitution." From the "green hill", "Fox legend Kyushu sky" to "sparrow", this summer is a "work Ruoyun outbreak, but it does not have too big change," just one year of normal work, rhythm more closely and encountered a better chance. My next year, next year will have such a shoot down, as long as I think filming is a happy thing, will adhere to the shooting." Has been very rich? The trough was rent by the 2015 Zhang Ruoyun fantasy network drama "" Wu Xin the monster killer and the popular Internet began to spread his "two rich generation". In this regard, Zhang Ruoyun said: the network is such a place, there will be a variety of misunderstanding. For these things, you in addition to accept it, as a ridiculous thing to look at, but what better way?" In fact, Zhang Ruoyun in the entertainment business downturn is very poor, "2014 almost a year has not received the drama, almost can not afford to pay the rent, wages are not open, until you get paid first payment to the staff wages, pay the rent. Now, in retrospect, if I can’t get the show two or three months later, I don’t know what to do." But at that time he did not think the sky is falling, "my mind is still relatively optimistic, it can start from scratch, to continue filming." "Zhang Ruoyun" Wu Xin the monster killer has changed the situation, he said: "2"相关的主题文章: