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UnCategorized If you have never boarded your pet before but plan to do so in the near future–whether it be for a vacation, business trip, or renovation at home–then there are a few things you need to know about your obligations to both your pet and the boarders. Start making a few preparations as far in advance as you can, and the separation will be much easier for all involved. Your primary responsibility is to make sure your cat or dog has all of their necessary vaccinations. There are some that are available to dogs that are not .pletely essential, but inoculating against parvovirus, Bordatella, distemper, and rabies are required. Check with your vet or local city ordinances to find out if there are other core vaccines .pelled by law. If you’re concerned about the expense, then investigate low-cost clinics in your region. Cats need a variety of inoculations as well. You need to take preventative measures against rabies, distemper, and feline leukemia. If you have a kitten, do vaccinate against feline influenza, which is actually a type of the herpes virus. If exposed, your little one can develop an upper respiratory infection that can be fatal. You owe it to your cat to protect her from these unfortunate diseases than can affect them. Regardless of the season, your pet needs protection against fleas and ticks. Many people mistakenly believe that during the winter months, the threat of a flea infestation is minimal, but this is a myth! So make an appointment with your vet for a thorough checkup and a re.mendation for preventative measures that will meet your pet’s needs. Is your pet ill? Even if they aren’t contagious, you should avoid boarding him at a mainstream facility. If you can’t postpone or cancel your trip, talk to your veterinarian to see if s/he can provide boarding services. Some vets will keep your pet on site and administer the care they need. If your vet can’t do this, s/he may be able to re.mend another professional who can. Many dog boarding facilities request that you pre-package each serving of your dog’s food in order to keep their routine consistent, making it less likely for your dog to get an upset stomach and possibly reducing their anxiety. If your pet does not get along with other cats or dogs, be sure to relay that information to the boarding staff. It should not prevent you from putting up your pet with them, but it will modify playtimes and other parts of the regular routine. Be sure to be thorough in your research so you pick the right facility. That will ease your mind as much as any other measure you can take. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: