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Yellen said the Fed is likely to raise interest rates – "news agency recently" news in Washington in November 17, Sohu (reporter Diao Haiyang Zhang Yuran) Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen 17 in the United States will attend the Joint Economic Committee hearing said that the Fed is likely to "near" plus interest. This is Yellen’s first public statement since the end of the U.S. presidential election. Yellen on the same day from the house and Senate members of the Joint Economic Committee said the signs since the Fed’s November monetary policy meeting since the index showed that U.S. economic growth, employment market situation and inflation are consistent with expectations. She said that if the relevant data can continue to meet the established goals, the Fed may be in the recent interest rate hike. Yellen said that the federal funds rate is not conducive to long-term economic growth, but may lead to a series of risks, such as policy space contraction, financial market instability, etc.. She also stressed that the process of interest rate hike is likely to be gradual. The Fed’s next monetary policy meeting will be held from December 13th to 14 this year. Public opinion and market participants generally believe that the Fed’s interest rate hike in the meeting on the possibility of more than 90%. The Fed’s last rate hike occurred in December 2015. Turning to the next U.S. government’s economic policy, Yellen said, after a clear economic policy, the Fed will proceed to assess. She said the Fed will be mainly concerned about the impact of these policies on employment and inflation in the United States, the Fed will adjust the growth expectations. U.S. President elect Trump during the campaign has repeatedly said that the issue of interest rate hike on the issue of Yellen is too conservative, and with political purposes, the U.S. economy presents false prosperity of the scene. He also said publicly that if elected, do not want Yellen to continue to serve as chairman of the federal reserve. 17 Yellen made it clear that at the hearing, she did not intend to resign, she would have been working to serve until January 2018. Author: Diao ocean Zhang Yuran相关的主题文章: