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Yang Yongxin transformation of the child: the loss of confidence in life is now a nightmare in January 2016, Linyi network ring center ushered in the ten anniversary. Center Director Yang Yongxin to "shock treatment of addiction" is famous in the world, he has been to most of his treatment of the children bring can not forget the pain in the network ring center has had a tremendous impact on their life. Now, some of the young boys who have been treated by him have grown up, and they begin to enter the society. Most of them sealed in the past, they do not want to bring this story to anyone, only a few people willing to stand up and make a sound, the sound of some anger, some try to reflect, some only faint and weary. The Fourth People’s Hospital of Linyi City, network ring center has been discharged in the building on the right – Hu Kaibin tried to hear the wind Dutch act, he was arrested for further treatment, and then he drew a knife wrist. Frightened his parents move, they assured him not to send him in, but after a few weeks he was recaptured the network ring center. Liu Yunliang do Banwei in network ring center had come to arrest people, other "wipe the neck". But useless, according to the wound to the hospital dressing, and then directly back to the network center 13 room, Yang Yongxin side electricity, while asked: "dare not (suicide)?" Li Linfeng had thought about suicide, a month after the first shock, he has been studying how to die will not be seen." Then he saw a girl suddenly rushed into the corridor to hit the corner of the stairs. "I wanted to stop her." Li Linfeng recalled, "stopped is a good performance, but I would like to forget, I knew what she had, she wanted to die is normal, do you think? I think she wants to die is normal." The other students stopped, the girl did not die. All center emergency set". Yang Yongxin came to the scene, livid, pulled her into his office, and from the room out of the electric instruments. "Take the seat belt. She also scolds, Yang Yongxin I fuck your mother what, scold. Yang Yongxin also did not respond, electricity, she scolded, electricity, did not increase the mouth title, plus she can not scold, she has been scolded, he has been electricity, electricity to the last no sound, 2 hours." Know there was a problem: "if you were caught in the addiction treatment center, what would you do", many respondents said that they would escape, resist or Dutch act. But in the eyes of those who have really experienced all these remarks are very funny". "They don’t even know what it’s like…… Not want to don’t want to die, but death got die problem." Zhao Bairan in WeChat’s voice is very tired, so how to say, as long as you do not go in, you can not imagine." He added, "I can’t imagine any more." When we took this photo, was suddenly surrounded by the parents – "shock. There are several, one is punished, one is power, the most important thing is to create a sense of crisis." Tsinghua University psychological development guidance center lecturer Dr. Li Songyu told reporters, "sense of crisis will undermine the basic security needs, you will not know what experience, directly into the jungle survival mode, prefrontal function is inhibited. In other words, the rational function is not good, where there is相关的主题文章: