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"Yang Yangquan" shooting Wu move back with a substitute? Response: the director asked the public to pay attention to the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: "Wu move back" to deny Yang Yang with a substitute: Director requirements "Wu move back" Yang Yang poster cast statement Sina entertainment news TV series "" Wu move back from the start to the shooting have been twists and turns, first is the heroine traced Huanjiao hot lead actor Yang Yang, recently again into [micro-blog] group 3 days with a substitute of rumors. In this regard, the crew issued a statement today, the statement said, Zhang Li [micro-blog] director of the actors demanding, Yang Yang is very strict on their own, the efforts of all members of the crew of the show for the." With the main Huanjiao storm, TV drama "," Wu move back before the official start, the crew immediately entered the shooting stage. But in recent days the actor Yang Yang was traced to just 3 days into the group are used to substitute for the show, once again be pushed in the teeth of the storm. 25, 2009, the crew issued a statement to clarify the rumors, starring Yang Yang since entering the group, all the scenes are personally battle. Yang Yang director of the actors demanding, Yang Yang is very strict on their own, the efforts of all crew members of the obvious to the audience, Zhang Li." At the same time, the statement also said that due to the protection of the crew, on-site material announced temporary inconvenience, but after being released stills and video footage to the public. As for the spread of rumors marketing account, the crew said, "look on the marketing for the crew, the false rumors, after verification of the real time transmission, please respect the production unit and the crew of each member for the ingenuity and effort to pay." (hot water boy) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: