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Yang Gailan killed death: diffuse in motivation shadows around the original author: Yang killed death: diffuse in the motivation of change orchid shadows around the author: Song Zhibiao   source: public number "news review" of Gansu in Kangle County, 28 year old Yang Gailan made the most sensational things in her life, in the soil on the road behind the dilapidated courtyard, first used an axe to kill four children of their own, and then eat poison Dutch act. A week later, her husband Li Keying walked into the woods, for his wife and children to die or burn Mingbi, set off firecrackers, drink herbicides die alone. This is a family of six deaths occurred in late August to early September. Yang Gailan kills a son and three daughters in six August 26th at 12 pm that night, she was rushed to Lanzhou, died in 29 days at 0:55 in the morning, Li Keying’s body was found in his missing for two days in September 4th. Time to take them, never hurt their humble fate. The first report of the Western business daily, from the point of view of the human tragedy of the large layout of the matter, and pushed it to the starting point of mass communication. The motive of Yang change orchid lingering suspense, surging news, Yu Yani Wenli chapter provides a lot of information to follow a rigorous investigation, rough completion. The beginning, wandering in the two articles on the mood, then lead to overwhelming public opinion. Yang Gailan preagonal, accompanied by the grass to kill children, with two relatives of the inquiry, left her final words. One is about to take good care of grandma, the home of the most powerful Yang Lanfang, two is to say (children not even one) and "relentless, the whole village all the team told me," three is an ambulance, tell others money in the bag. The emphasis on these two reports, because they exposed Yang Gailan killed kill oneself motivation, and motivation is not the natural state of pollution. Western daily description of Yang family living in poverty change orchid, was canceled, the mother of tragedy and poor causality will be weak; until the surging news to promote key information, people trapped in the Yang change orchid, to recognize the law of the jungle, cause public opinion. Also the wise old man reminded Yang Gailan mother died of poverty this tragedy inference, still need more facts to prove, to secure the crime motive. Cheng said that. However, Yang Gailan opinion and a surging after the intervention, the deduced logically motivated by more attacks, it is not that the causal relationship between poverty and tragedy. To sum up, Yang change orchid family of six broken out this tragic tragedy, the onset and motivation are three aspects of shake. The one from the model of poverty alleviation and achievement to stability of the local government, the second is from the inevitable frustration and inability to self question the position of the media, the third is the advocate of human nature and the maternal goodness heart beauty must be the mainstream. In order to make the survival of this article, the first point is not to be carried out in detail. Speak generally, the mode of government poverty alleviation over reliance on grassroots and rural power structure, may make the direction of poverty alleviation focus. Poverty alleviation as a scarce resource input to the poor village, both dependent and subject to the rural poor order pattern. Specific to the village, poverty has floating reality. Hao相关的主题文章: