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Xu Fan let Feng Xiaogang comfort Fan Bingbing Fan Ye: I’m glad for you Sina entertainment news on November 26th, the fifty-third Golden Horse Awards held by Feng Xiaogang [micro-blog] "I am not Pan Jinlian" for the first time winning the prize nomination for best director. At the award ceremony after the celebration, Feng Xiaogang jokes that he is of age finalists in the biggest may therefore before winning. Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] regret missing the best actress, she did not attend the evening party. Fan Bingbing revealed that his wife, Xu Fan specifically asked himself to comfort more, and Fan Ye is calm response: "I am happy for you, you will enjoy it, do not think about this thing I do," said Feng Xiaogang." Xu Fan asked Feng Xiaogang to make Bing Bing happy with Feng Xiaogang: "I am not Pan Jinlian" successfully won the best director, he said in a speech in the hope that Fan Bingbing could this by winning, but finally Fan Bingbing lost to Ma Sichun Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog] [micro-blog]. On the night of the celebration, Feng Xiaogang kisses the golden horse, drinking champagne, completed the task of taking pictures, he asked the staff please Fan Bingbing to participate in the celebration. However, Fan Ye for second days to catch an early flight, and no party. Fan Bingbing regret missing horse, had had the same experience of Xu Fan is very concerned about this. Feng Xiaogang said, today, Xu Fan went to Fuzhou by plane, the plane received the news of their winning, she told me the first time not to patronize the happy, to talk with her more than a chat to her happy." Feng Xiaogang as the best actress award guests, with another award honored guests [micro-blog] about good, if it is a prize for the Fan Bingbing, handed over to the announcement by the president of the United States,. The final winner of flowers "in July and she" Shu, Feng Xiaogang stepped down after the first hug Fan Bingbing consolingly. And Fan Ye’s response is also very calm: "I am happy for you, you enjoy it, don’t think about this thing." Feng Xiaogang won the first golden horse best director: maybe because I’m older Feng Xiaogang last year to "old gun" won the Golden Horse winner, this year also won the award for best director, not like the cicada victory won. He admitted: "very happy, I do not know how to describe the mood, my heart is still very surging." This is the first time Feng Xiaogang won the Golden Horse nomination as best director, and hit the winning, turning to competitors, Feng Xiaogang said: "before I was young, I became the director for imperceptibly the oldest, probably because of my age to me." In the battle for the best film, "I’m not Pan Jinlian" lost to the new director Zhang Dalei’s "August". Feng Xiaogang said he was happy to see so many young directors growing up and revealed that he was also very supportive of the August movie. I have experienced a lot of finalists did not win the mood, to the finalists of the five actor, actress, director, the film respect, it is difficult to really get out of who is better, this award has the strength and luck." The reporter asked Feng Xiaogang angrily about Wanda recently, he refused to respond: "so happy not to mention so unhappy." (Jing Ya Lin Yi, photography) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: