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To 2022, Xiamen built 5 subway lines   line 1 by the end of next year will be test run – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: to 2022 Xiamen built 5 subway line No. 1 by the end of next year, Huang Jinchao will try to run with the subway construction drawing many people wildly beating gongs and drums to start watching the long-term planning of Xiamen metro. Yesterday, the latest news came, the national development and Reform Commission website announced on the Xiamen urban rail transit construction plan second (2016-2022) approval. Reporters learned that the construction planning of the rail transit (2016 -2022), is based in the first round of construction planning approval to track 1, 2, 3 lines on the first stage of the project, approved new rail line 2, two, 3, line two, line 4, line 6, a total length of 152. Km. In other words, by 2022, Xiamen will build a total orbit 1, 2, 3, 4, line 6, a total of 5 lines, which is expected by the end of next year, Xiamen will try to run Metro line. 4 projects under the annex 152.2km new content, the new approval of the content includes the line two, line 3, line two, line 4 and line 6 a total of 4 projects, with a total length of 152.2 km. Among them, 2 line two engineering from Tianzhu Mountain to hang Lu Station, line 15.5 km long, 9 stations; 3 line two engineering from Wuyuan Bay to Xiangan airport station, line 22.6 km long, 13 stations. Planning and construction period are 2016 -2020. 4 line project from Songyu harbor to Xiangan airport station, the line length of 69.6 kilometers; the first phase project of line 6 from Lin Dai to movie station, line 44.5 km long, 27 stations. Planning and construction period are 2017 -2022. Daily economic news reporter noted that the 4 projects approved the number of stations on the ground reached 13. Among them, 4 lines on the ground to reach the site of the 10. It is reported that the second phase of the total investment in the construction planning project was $100 billion 92 million. Line 4 is the highest speed possible to link up the city rail transit and railway of XiaMen Railway Station, documents approved to be a project at the eastern end of the first phase of construction planning in line No. 3 local change line, after adjusting the line from XiaMen Railway Station to Wuyuan Bay station, then the exhibition center, and finally to Xiangan airport. In addition, the document referred to the main technical standards, line two, line 3, line two, line 4, line 1, the first phase of the project using the B model of the formation of the 6 cars of the 6. It is reported that line 4 may be the fastest subway line. According to reports, line 2, line 3 and line 6 maximum operating speed of 80 km, line 4, the highest operating speed of 120 km. However, the program is still in the planning phase of implementation, but also need to further deepen the main technical standards and operational organization program. Docking Zhangquan rail transit network to 2022, Xiamen will build the subway 1, 2, 3, 4, line 6, a total of 5 lines, a total length of 224 kilometers, the formation of "Rail Transit Network Center, radiation Central Bay Development". Perspective, the Xiamen metro line network by 11 lines of vision相关的主题文章: