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Xi Jinping stressed on network security concept – General Secretary Xi Jinping held in Beijing in April 19, 2016 presided over the work of network security and information technology forum, maintain network security to establish a correct view of the network security". The so-called network security concept is the basic point of view of the major issues of network security and views. What is the correct concept of network security? In general, to establish the correct concept of network security, we should grasp the following six aspects of the relationship. First, network security and national sovereignty: recognition and respect for national sovereignty is the premise of maintaining network security national sovereignty is the inherent rights of the country, is an important symbol of national independence. Sovereignty of network or network space is the natural extension and embodiment of national sovereignty in cyberspace. Internally, the network sovereignty refers to the national independent development, management and supervision of the country’s Internet Affairs, is not affected by external interference; externally, network sovereignty refers to a country to equal participation in international Internet governance, have the right to prevent the country from external intrusion and attack internet. Xi General Secretary pointed out, "the" UN Charter "to establish the principle of sovereign equality is one of the basic norms governing international relations, covering the country and exchanges in various fields, its principle and spirit should also apply in cyberspace." At present, the concept of Internet sovereignty has been recognized by most countries. Cyberspace is not a traditional public sphere, such as the high seas, polar, and space, but a relatively open field of information based on national sovereignty. For the network hegemony is not the best network sovereignty, so that it can each node and corner free access to the network space, but for other countries, is the premise to maintain their sovereignty under the jurisdiction of the network, the national network security network. If there is no network sovereignty, network security will lose its foundation. Acknowledge and respect all countries should respect the sovereignty of the network, the network of all countries to independently choose their development path, network management, Internet public policy and equal participation in the international cyberspace governance rights; it shall not make use of the advantages of network technology in network hegemony; will not excuse network free to interfere in the internal affairs; not to seek oneself in the so-called absolute security while engaged in, condone or support against his country’s national security network activity. Two, network security and national security: no network security is no national security with the rapid development and wide application of network information technology, especially in the process of economic and social informatization construction of our country’s national full speed, the role of basic and global network information system is increasing. The network has become the key infrastructure to achieve national stability, economic prosperity and social progress. At the same time, domestic and foreign hostile forces in our country network attacks, sabotage, terrorist activities and the use of information networks for the reactionary propaganda activities have become increasingly rampant, seriously endanger the national security of China, affecting the healthy development of China’s information construction. Network security is a new and comprehensive challenge we are facing. It is not only the security of the network itself, but related to national security and social stability, is the embodiment of national security in cyberspace, should become an important part of the national security system, this is the network)相关的主题文章: