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The first auction of Wuhan official gift experts say will help build a clean fresh air News – Sohu to participate in the auction business gifts according to Xinhua news agency, Moutai, thousands of gold Wuliangye, iPhone6 mobile phone…… 19, 2009, the people’s home of Wuhan held a special auction, the first official gifts of public auction in Wuhan, by the public blitz. 155 groups of the total turnover of more than 76 yuan auction auction organizer Hubei integrity auction company responsible person said that the auction in the auction a total of 159 groups, including shopping card, gold and silver jewelry, painting crafts, clothing bags shoes, watches, electronic products, wine, commemorative coins, stamps and other categories, the starting price is 593 thousand and 700 yuan. "16G unopened Apple mobile phone 6, starting 1800 yuan." Actioneer just bid, Taiwan many bidders have placards, the rapid increase to 2900 yuan. 2900 yuan a time, 2900 yuan, two times, 2900 yuan three times." The auctioneer looked around, see no one to placards, hammer transaction. The responsible person said, the auction auction is the largest number of shopping cards and card coupons, according to the amount of the card 7.8 fold shot. The most intense ticket card auction, the transaction price is very high. 10 thousand yuan a lot of tickets to the ticket price of $9300, plus a commission of more than 400 yuan, the transaction price is not low." Painting and calligraphy class auction, although not masters of calligraphy, and no reserve auction, but the process is still very fierce. Three pieces of Zhang Xiumin’s calligraphy works of imitation goods, the starting price of 50 yuan, two buyers to increase, and ultimately to 1850 yuan turnover. Mr. fee 1200 yuan to cover a long scroll "graph" imitation. He said that he was very fond of painting and calligraphy, this work can be hung in the home collection. Auction companies statistics, 19 of the auction, there are nearly 200 people involved. In the last 155 groups of auction auction ended, the turnover rate reached 97.5%, the total transaction price of 76.78 yuan, a premium rate of 29.3%. Discipline Inspection Commission said to avoid the waste of assets, a lot of comrades to accept the work of the items were turned over, did not know how to dispose of the original, put these items are piled into the treasury." Wuhan City Commission for discipline inspection staff said, so we first auction this way, more open and transparent, but also to avoid the waste of assets." According to regulations, the party and state organs shall not be illegal to send gifts. For various reasons failed to reject the gift, should be taken within one month from the date of acceptance and registration. According to the Wuhan Municipal Finance Bureau official, the auction is over two years by officials to gifts, involving municipal organs and institutions and state-owned enterprises nearly 30. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the auction or cash proceeds will be paid into the same state treasury. Experts believe that it is touted by the public at the same time to solve the problem of corruption in the stock of the auction, also won praise from all walks of life, the Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Dean Professor Qiao Xinsheng said, Wuhan city’s first public auction transparent municipal authorities, institutions and state-owned enterprises paid a courtesy staff.相关的主题文章: