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Winter is approaching, the new energy vehicle maintenance you really understand it? Sohu car Hello, I am a small partner you do not regularly update the small E! In the past week, Beijing, a number of heavy rains, has been pouring into the winter! It is not only the cold weather, but also that there will never be able to shake the license plate (in October 26th, how many small partners disappointed again)…… Never mind and not disappointed, finally, the electric car’s retreat army, welcome you! Get down to business! Small E still want to talk to you about the new energy vehicles, although the new energy vehicles and gasoline cars are similar, but the difference is still part of the owners can not touch the mind. Today we say the simplest and most easily overlooked based electric vehicle maintenance problems ~ 1 winter car in need of special care? The northern winter, many of the new energy vehicle owners are not aware of their own car in need of special care". Compared with the traditional vehicle, electric vehicle in winter is more "delicate". We have mentioned the electric vehicle optimal working temperature. Only at about 25 DEG C, the electric car will be a maximum efficiency. For the north, the temperature is very low in winter, the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius is almost impossible. Therefore, the electric vehicle is extremely easy to be in the sub healthy condition. The owners need to pay attention to what? The first is the thought, into the winter should be more careful observation car changes, in particular the charging process. If conditions permit, the owners of friends to develop a good habit of charging the same day. Battery charging capacity in the cold winter worse, there will be insufficient charging. If necessary, to increase the charging voltage and extend the charging time. At the same time, the best place to charge the temperature of the indoor parking lot. As a result, in order to ensure full charge, battery life will increase. 2 power consumption is too fast to reflect the driving habits no matter how much mileage mileage of new energy owners will be mileage anxiety, put the Buddha can no longer be more mileage. In the case of normal charging, power consumption is still a lot, the owner must reflect on their friends driving habits. This is a very easy to ignore a lot of skilled drivers. Especially the urban traffic conditions become increasingly tense today, owners of friends pay close attention to all the time "rampage". Do not know the electricity has been quietly loss. The following action owners must pay attention to the friend: electric car in the start, manned, uphill, try to avoid stepping on the acceleration, the formation of an instantaneous large current discharge. Large current discharge can easily lead to lead sulfate crystallization, thus damaging the physical properties of the battery plate. Although the driving habits problem but it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in the field of new energy vehicles in more qualities. Relative to the vehicle, it has more important significance. After all, gas stations are everywhere, minutes can be full of blood resurrection…… 3 long idle also need regular charging into the winter, many owners of the mileage anxiety has been "friends, simply regarded as hopeless." car parked in a safe place…… If so, it’s very, very important! Regularly to the car charging, avoid long idle power loss! Everyone knows that.相关的主题文章: