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UnCategorized There is no feeling more powerful than the "In Love" feeling. It has been described as a high that feels like walking on cloud 9. In the eyes of those who feel they are in love, their dearly loved can do no wrong. Little do most know that there are many hormones and chemicals released by the brain that are involved with producing this feeling of being in love and it is for this reason that it is extremely dangerous to make a major commitment to the person you love while being under the influence of the chemical addiction to love. The body is a complex organ whose actions are often fueled by invisible chemical reactions. Most individuals describe being in love as if they are uncontrollably driven to be with and please the person who has their heart. They give to that person with out thinking about it and there is almost nothing they would not do for that person to make them happy. However, it is important to realize what invisible events occur to cause this uncontrollable behavior. According to Donatella Marazziti of the University of Pisa, the early stages of romantic love begin with the release of adrenaline and phenyl ethylamine (or PEA, also present in small amounts in chocolate), two big word hormones that are ignited when two people find themselves increasingly attracted to each other. Marazziti also discovered that the early stages of "being in love" are associated with a low level of serotonin which causes people in the early stages of romantic love to have a euphoria that causes them to obsessively think about, want to be around and consistently reflect back on the romantic events spent with their beloved. More interestingly, in Marazziti’s research, she discovered that in men there was a decrease in the male hormone, testosterone, and in women this hormone increased. Testosterone is linked to aggression and sexual desire and is the hormone that causes men in the uterus to become male instead of remaining female. What all of this means is that our actions are no longer "our" actions once we are under the influence of being "in love," we are under the influence of the side effect of a chemical process occurring within the body. This chemical process occurs for one reason and one reason only, to maintain the existence of human life. If man and woman did not have this chemical process occurring within them, the human race would soon become extinct because the desire to mate would cease. According To Shay Williams-Garrett, author and relationship expert, "You may think that your decisions, while being drunk off of the "in love" feeling, are your own, however, they are not and often times these decisions are not the same decision you would have made once the euphoria wares off." According to Marazziti’s study, the "in love" euphoria subsides on average after two years. The good news is that real love does exist but it is not experienced overnight. The development of true love takes time and it is not until real love enters the relationship and not it’s look-alike cousin "infatuation," that one should make any major decisions with one’s life, especially getting married. For some, the romantic feelings of being in love wears off within 9 months, for some it takes many years. When true love shows up it is a choice that is consciously made and you make a commitment to love this person in spite of their "unlovable" side. You will know when you have passed the "In love" stage when your beloved is no longer the person you evaluate through rose-colored glasses. They are no longer the person who can do no wrong. True love knocks at your door when you have experienced the moment when you wonder if this is even the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You may even want to leave that person because of the undesirable things you see in them but you stay, not because you are "addicted" to them, but because over all this person brings out the best in you, they are a great person to start a life with and you, in your right mind, know that you can not imagine spending the rest of your life without them. You would have seen the good and the bad and still chosen to love them instead of seeing their bad and acting like it doesn’t exist. Only when this happens should you say, "I do," because at that moment a marriage now has a chance of thriving and withstanding the test of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: