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Why do Olympic champions have a miserable childhood? The person that makes news report, dream wants to make such a kind of report: the reader likes to look, the client is very close to interview, the official is tacit even encourage, the individual fact error also does not pursue…… The athletes "sadness reports" belong to this category. Author: Li Yan Rio Olympics ended recently, the hot line in addition to a variety of celebration, it is a popular figure in the story behind the mining. Take the most watched from the women’s volleyball team, coach Lang Ping lamented the unworthy parents, to captain Hui Ruoqi had died of heart disease surgery, and then to the spiker Zhu Ting family almost dropped out of school, have become the focus of media attention. Some of this is true, some false doping information, but this does not affect the "tragic and intensive reports". Athletes get good grades, dig the story behind the media, this is the usual way of news operation. But everyone has a bitter past, who face the lens is a nose a tear, or some exaggerated. What is the cause of a wave after the Olympic Games always intensive "tragic report"? First, Olympic Games just ended, "a report" dominates the media, including the false information of the Olympic Games 26 gold medals, the most noteworthy is the gold medal in women’s volleyball team. All the women’s volleyball team, the best performance is undoubtedly Zhu Ting. Women’s Volleyball Championship, Bai Yansong behind Zhu Ting as the closing ceremony of the standard bearer, but in the CCTV office closing bearer questionnaire, Zhu Ting ranked first, which shows her weight. Second in the women’s volleyball team won the day after, the Zhu Ting "Sadness" reports came. A "Chengdu daily" article chinanews.com reproduced, "to the" iron hammer "Zhu Ting poverty insurance" school title, tells the story of a variety of Zhu Ting is not easy: "father Zhu Anliang in the building of the village of Dancheng County Zhu Qiu Qu Xiang living by farming, in order to subsidize home he opened a repair shop the slack, to repair, relying on the meager income to feed a family. In 2007, she graduated from primary school, she wanted to quit her job, she was 13 years old, and she made a choice at the turning point." There is a certain relationship between the Zhu Ting family’s poverty and many sisters. This picture is Zhu Ting parents and five daughters and three granddaughters, the highest was three daughter Zhu Ting Zhu Ting insisted after school, her fate soon turn: "at that time, Zhu Ting has more than 1.7 meters of height, to a junior high school soon after the PE teacher has been recommended to the Zhoukou City Sports school, from now on go on the road of volleyball." This is a typical "tragic report", through the review of childhood poverty, compared to now the glory, give a person a kind of sad, love, fate is intertwined with the complex emotional experience of reading. In another report on the same day, Zhu was written in 2013 by Lang Ping from the Henan team picked two. When Lang Ping was in Guangzhou Hengda women’s volleyball coach, led the Henan team to play in the team found Zhu Ting does not play, but in the "Henan two". But Lang Ping will be in the province against all the odds, are not a team of Zhu Tingxuan into the national team. From the report, the Henan team does not attach importance to Zhu Ting, put her down to the two team. In career difficulties, Lang Ping Huiyanshizhu phase, the.相关的主题文章: