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The boys have been raped, why would be regarded as "life" (author: Hou Hongbin · of Tencent; everyone columnist, author of Historical Novels) this year to appear more and more news events, so we started to discuss in a variety of crimes, bystanders should be how to avoid "guilty" victims ". Because in the previous point of view, the others on the victim’s body is too much sewage. In different cases, some blame women wearing or disorderly conduct, to stimulate others desire; some is that after the acquaintance rape are women but agreed to go back, or too little money and framed man, suspect talent is poor, and so on. These arguments, too familiar, but also refuted the numerous times. But imagine if men are victims of sexual assault case, these people will become a kind of what kind of attitude? Two days ago, the United States has a news that a California male student was raped female teacher at the age of 16, to maintain a relationship for nearly a year, the female teachers in 2013 with an annual output of a woman, now male students will get the school district for $6 million (about RMB 40 million). According to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" quoted "the Losangeles times" reported that the boy’s lawyer said, settlement Leilan Unified School District provided by government agencies, may be due to sexual assault, give person as one of the largest number of settlement; because the student and his family suffered serious injuries, and the teacher and the negligence of dereliction of duty crimes, great responsibility. The 29 year old female teacher with Hesite (Laura Whitehurst) was arrested in July 2013 and charged with 41 counts of felony illegal behavior, including has a relationship with three underage students. If all set up, means that she will be sentenced to 29 years. However, finally, with Hesite pleaded guilty to compromise, was sentenced to 1 years, is still in the period of probation, was listed as sex offenders. Data figure: with Hesite (left) in questioning the laws of the United States and Chinese are very different, in terms of civil liability, each state also has the very big difference between. In the confirmation of crime, some estimates Chinese get confused, first of all, this love lasted nearly a year, many times; with Hesi specialty children, teenagers with him in the side. Is not the young volunteers? How can you decide to rape? But the key is that this is an adult sexual abuse of minors, but also contains the power relations, obviously. The so-called "voluntary", whether it is true "voluntary"? Social development today, the "rape" or "rape" to understand many people in mind, still remain in the "woman with a knife to be a stranger in a dark alley, was also of no avail against scars" in this case, it is called "with" violence; however, all over the world "acquaintance rape" is the mainstream form of this crime. If taking into account the "acquaintance rape" to report the rape this lower rate than the general power, environmental stress It’s only human., considering all forms of oppression and rape based on more. The above thing for the people, the new place? A woman is raped man, but is a beautiful young woman raped man.相关的主题文章: