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What constellation dressing can lead the trend (Figure) what constellation dressing can lead the trend with the rapid rise of the living level of women has already no longer satisfied with the food and clothing and dress more and more exquisite quality, Yang Mi and Han Jessica always led the airport service trend, will wear clothes more loved by the people concerned. Science and technology Ziwei network for your secret best dressed sign, you want to quickly upgrade the Level come with them to learn! First name: Libra is the fashion trend closely, occasionally also led to the fashion direction, the aesthetic image of their own a cut above others, usually the strict management, to make a Libra temperament temperament, to build a body, to have such a collocation collocation, you can accept their taste in clothes? Second: Taurus is different from the temperament style on Libra, Taurus is more on the clothes touch and quality, they will dress mainly in particular will choose beautiful fine clothes, also did not react to you, the cows have been fully digest the latest fashion elements, every detail is there are stories of clothing. Third: Scorpio Scorpio style of dress and their own character is very similar, there will always be a bit of trouble on the clothes". If you own a good look at the clavicle, it must be the majority of V collar, if their thighs thick, it will not wear shorts, but choose a dress…… Can show the best of the best, the cover is not perfect, will use special clothes add charm for their weaknesses. Fourth: Virgo and Virgo too picky is a name, usually in the shopping when 100 pieces of clothes can pick 1000 thorns, belongs to the constellation designers would die. This is the case, can be selected in the middle of the top of the ladies who wear clothes, I believe it is in the eyes of the public in perfect style. Fifth: Leo noble lion is never allowed to see their own image of broken side of outsiders, they must ensure that he is the The brightness dazzles the eyes. appear in front of everyone. How can the lion comes the protagonist aura no luxury foil, they not only know what popular elements of the season will be dazzling brand and fashion combined with random body of an article can make you the envy of A. Sixth: cancer’s person of fashion is not too sensitive to capture, but her keen observation and delicate thoughts is very good insight into the preferences of others, so that others will be love collocation dress. It may not be obvious to her that the style of dress or fashion is the most obvious, but she is definitely the most appropriate.相关的主题文章: