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What color hair dye for hair good-looking hair color – Sohu now short hair is so popular. After what color is more beautiful? Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few short hair for hair color, sweet or fashion with you choose! Short hair dyed what color good-looking? The first is the classic brown, dark brown and Asian girls skin compared with white, can also no significant unexpected, simple wave head looks super pure. Classic black, in recent years more and more people began to be dyed black, black is a natural black color slightly darker, look more light, but also enhance the complexion. Rose gold from the beginning of last year is very popular, this color is even more amazing in the hair, rose gold, with a little thin hair, hair color looked very beautiful, so that people get the hair with a sweet taste like. Or is this not saturated color, matte gray and brown, make your hair look not to light, thin, very fresh, the whole people have become heal up. The bright orange, orange hair will not really cool to warm, let you go anywhere like a luminous body, watching a good mood. A fashionable golden hair, mixed with foreigners sense linen and gold, fashionable handsome, but the color may fade after bleaching, just like straw was estimated. Do you dare to try it? This gray hair color in the sun has been close to the white, the skin is not good sister really do not want to try, such as the head of the boy model is also a challenge to add silver color. A high grade grape purple Hair Coloring, usually purple hair are very bright, but there are some non mainstream, such a grape purple hair color is slightly modified purple, light purple with effect of matte matte, indoors or very low-key. Shoulder length hair can try this pink layer gradually highlights, shading on color more prominent short variety and fashionable, etc. keep hair better grow. Do not dress up makeup hair? The WeChat public number: aimeizu45 – long press copy (teach women dress)相关的主题文章: