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Wenzhou 40 thousand cigarettes, focused on the destruction of counterfeit cigarettes accounted for nearly 50% in October 20th, Wenzhou Longwan Yongqiang waste incineration power plant in the "dragon" sky, fake and smuggled cigarettes in the fire pile up like a mountain hand slowly. It is understood that this is the first time in recent years, the destruction of illegal smuggling of cigarettes in the city, the destruction of the total reached nearly 40 thousand, of which accounted for counterfeit Chinese accounted for 49.25%. According to the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau responsible person, since 2011, the Bureau in collaboration of the multi departments of public security, supervision and management of the market, launched a series of counterfeiting smuggling and market special rectification action, the city seized 256 thousand and 100 counterfeit cigarettes, smuggled cigarettes 68 thousand and 300, cracked cigarettes GB network cases more than one million yuan 49, the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau network of 7 cases, 3 cases of network supervision. The destruction of our city is mainly concentrated in the tobacco sector after 2011 seized fake cigarettes real have been closed, nearly 40 thousand cigarettes, including 20116.9 counterfeit cigarettes, 19637.5 smuggled cigarettes, involving brands including China, furongwang, Liqun, DHS and hundreds of brands. At present, the city’s favorite Chinese cigarette smokers, are most criminals selling counterfeit cigarettes brand. The destruction of counterfeit cigarettes, fake Chinese accounted for 49.25% of the total, the false (hard) accounted for 30.36%, accounted for 18.89% of the false (soft). According to reports, this year, Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau joint public security, transport, postal tube, customs and other departments to carry out "2 sword", "hundred days campaign" and "market special clean-up" series of special operations, the whole field, all links and all-weather combat, have cracked the local large counterfeit cigarette trademarks the registered trademark, raw materials, production of series of cases of cigarette smuggling cases, Internet sales network market, cigarette smuggling dens leave dens of major cases. Among them, the Internet sales of cigarette smuggling network cases involving 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) more than and 50 Heilongjiang, Guangxi City, back to the north and south ends of cigarette smuggling source port, open source and new battlefield. According to the "Regulations" provisions of the implementation of tobacco monopoly law, the sale of illegal production of tobacco products, the Department of tobacco monopoly administration to stop the sale, confiscate the illegal income, impose the following illegal sales of more than 20% of the total 50% fines, and illegal sales of tobacco monopoly public destruction. According to the "criminal law" and "judicial interpretation of the provisions, the amount of sales of counterfeit cigarettes sales reached 50 thousand yuan, or sales amount has reached 50 thousand yuan, but not the value of the total amount of sales reached 150 thousand yuan, constitute the crime of illegal, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.相关的主题文章: