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Wei Fan: acting debut in Tokyo to do addition subtraction do Wei Fan Shi Yihong (left), Mei Feng Wei Fan, Sina entertainment news on November 2nd, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival main competition finalists to show the film "no problem", in addition to the director Mei Feng, Wei Fan, Shi Yihong starring [micro-blog] [micro-blog] for the first time after mapping the meeting. "No problem" adapted from Lao She’s less mentioned the novel of the same name, tells the story of Chinese during the Anti Japanese War, Chongqing behind the tree farm in China declined under the management of Wuyuan director Ding to the story, the film shows the depth of Chinese smart type. Director Mei Feng said, in order to show China aesthetics in 40s, he looked at the Chinese film in the history of the classic works of those movies, especially the use of "xiaochengzhichun" to "no problem" sense of stage scheduling, long shot impact, the scene, the Japanese audience that Wei Fan as is Wuyuan Ding conspirators, Wei Fan does not agree: "if it is because of the farm money said he was the conspirators, is not very reasonable, because it is not his own power, is the ability of these people." In Wei Fan’s view, there are no bad guys in the film, but in that kind of ecology, it becomes bad. As such a complex role, Fan Weixian is doing addition, access to relevant information, communicate with the director, it is acting, he tried to restrain myself, hope to give the audience the blank. The film Mrs. Tong Shi Yihong has thirty years of experience in Peking Opera, repeatedly went on performance, almost each time will stay in Japan for more than a month. Ten years old began to learn to play her in the movie, that she is not far away from the wind: "ten years old opera students, teachers are already seventy years old, and in 20s and 30s the character of them, plus the director is tailor-made for me, so that the atmosphere is not difficult." (A Hui photo) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: