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A solid grasp of  , the construction of ecological civilization; to change the mode of economic development — Inner Mongolia Channel – people.com.cn September 28th, autonomous region Party Secretary Li Jiheng to Alashan Bayehot Tonggulege Nur GaZha, cordial condolences to the de Ligl family of herdsmen. Photo by Yuan Yonghong on September 26th to 29, the Autonomous Region Party committee secretary Li Jiheng Alashan, Wuhai city investigation, inspected the industrial parks, key enterprises and ecological construction, environmental protection, tourism development projects, in-depth rural and pastoral areas, and visit the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups. He stressed that the important ecological security barrier for the northern part of the country as a political responsibility and historical mission, firmly hold the bottom line of this ecosystem, a solid grasp of the construction of ecological civilization, the upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, efforts to change the mode of economic development, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of development. The leadership of the autonomous region, Zhang Yuanzhong, Chang military cloth Kobayashi, Wang Huancheng has accompanied the investigation. Green development is an important part of Li Jiheng’s research. He focuses on the situation of Alashan comprehensive environment, Tengger economic and Technological Development Zone of Wuhai lake and the surrounding ecological environment governance. In inspected the sediment Tengger economic and Technological Development Zone drying pool disposal project of old industrial areas of wasteland and mirabilite Lake site comprehensive remediation project implementation effect, Li Jiheng said the general secretary Xi Jinping sincere words and earnest wishes, the pollution of Tengger economic and Technological Development Zone attaches great importance to the event, made important instructions, we must firmly establish the idea of green development adhere to environmental protection, in a prominent position, continue to focus on the implementation of environmental comprehensive improvement measures, to ensure that the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping air plant. The region around the various departments should take this as a mirror, replicability, alarm bells ringing, unremittingly, profound lessons, to protect the ecological environment as the protection of the eyes, treat the ecological environment like life, never at the expense of the environment in exchange for temporary economic growth. In Bayehot Tonggulege Nur village service center of the masses, Li Jiheng listened to the report of the party organization construction of poverty alleviation, grassroots village. He pointed out that in 2020 the rural poor out of poverty, poor county, this is a solemn commitment to the people of the whole country, the CPC Central Committee made the whole world. Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres must be as good as good, good as good as puxiashenzai, work hard, earnestly implement the "group of five" measures to ensure the realization of accurate poverty, poverty alleviation goals on schedule. Li Jiheng into the desert hinterland, visit the herdsmen de Ligl family, a careful understanding of the production and living conditions, wish their lives Zhimakaihua steadily high, over the more prosperous days. Sendashonga in Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group, amount to the Tengger Tourism Development Corporation, Jinsha garden ecological group of companies such as Li Jiheng, a detailed understanding of the operation and development of enterprise transformation. He asked companies to attach great importance to environmental protection, supporting environmental protection facilities and equipment to ensure green production, emission standards, while resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, efforts to extend the industrial chain, accelerate the transformation of development. In Inner Mongolia, Dongyuan science and technology company, Li Jiheng told the enterprise and its cooperation with the Chinese Academy of aerospace twelve hospital, to work together to work together相关的主题文章: