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Water ecological civilization   Ji’nan into the pilot preferred — Environmental Protection — people.com.cn lotus surrounded on three sides Liu, a city with hills and lakes of Baotu Spring "in my ear spew……" Speaking of Ji’nan, is always connected with springs, rivers and lakes. The winter of Ji’nan cold, but in Baotu Spring and heihuquan visitors in a continuous line. October 2012, the Ministry of water resources identified Ji’nan as the country’s first water ecological civilization city pilot. In November 7, 2016, Ji’nan water ecological civilization city construction pilot took the lead through the Ministry of water resources and the Shandong provincial government joint acceptance, in the process, Ji’nan is how to do? Although the spring is known all over the country, but Ji’nan is a typical resource-based water city: the per capita water resources of 290 cubic meters, only the national average of 17; sewage discharge caused river water black odor, Baotu Spring springs stopped production and living; ecological water demand rising water and protection, the conflict intensified. How to rely on existing works and river systems, revitalize the water resources? According to reports, the implementation of the six Ji’nan River connectivity project, to create a modern water network, the formation of "water resources allocation pattern of six cross eight longitudinal, a network of five water run springs". This will be Ji’nan’s waterways, rivers, canals, and 7 reservoirs and 17 urban wetlands, covering all of them. Currently, the six major river system has been basically completed and to benefit. "All rivers run after the water diversion capacity of 300 million cubic meters, equivalent to 300 of the Daming Lake water." Li Baiquan, deputy director of Ji’nan municipal water resources bureau. Transferred to the water, on the one hand through the strong leakage band for spring water source, on the other hand for agricultural and industrial enterprises water supply, replacement of high quality groundwater for residents living. Spring in Ji’nan has continued spewing 13 years, in recent years, the drought situation, it is not easy. "The concept of spring, drink sweet sweet wine", the people of Ji’nan to become the direct beneficiaries of water ecological civilization construction. In addition to revitalize the existing water resources, key water ecological civilization construction, is how to water saving and pollution control. In recent years, the introduction of a number of laws and regulations in Ji’nan, the full implementation of the most stringent water management system, strengthen the total amount of water, water efficiency and restrictions on pollution 3 red line constraints. At the same time, optimize the industrial layout, to the old city east 17 old companies shut down leases. Take strict water, water resources argumentation into the administrative examination and approval, prohibit the high water consumption of construction projects. In the implementation of efficient water-saving irrigation, industrial water reuse, many enterprises to achieve zero emissions. Nan Jiao Hotel Ji’nan raised 6 million yuan, built a daily processing capacity of 4000 tons of sewage treatment station. 2013, Ji’nan is also a comprehensive implementation of the river system, the city’s 124 rivers are set by the river length, long river, and by the local administrative leadership at all levels. The rivers cutting pollution, dredging, landscape transformation and other 7 tasks included in the annual assessment and treatment of non-compliance, one vote veto. Through the comprehensive improvement of the river, the city’s water quality compliance rate from 42.6% before the pilot in 2012 to improve the level of water quality in the year of 2015 by up to 78.6%. Implementation of the "ecological size more than 400 projects for 3 years, a total investment of 30 billion 900 million yuan)相关的主题文章: