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Fashion-Style It is the dream of every girl to have a balanced wardrobe. In a balanced wardrobe you need all the basic garments like shirts, tanks, shrugs, stockings, and tops, in neutral colors that can be mixed and matched and accessorized as well. For instance a plain white shirt is mandatory for any wardrobe. This classic piece can be teamed with fitted jeans, nude heels, and you can even accessorize it with a neck piece if you wish to add more glitter and grace to your attire. Besides denim, you can even pair this plain shirt with rugged shorts or you can even pair with a sexy skirt and bright accessories. Apart from a plain white shirt it is extremely important for any wardrobe to have a black shrug, as this black shrug teamed with a thin belt can go with any jump suit or dress. Shrugs can be even used for dressing down tubes, off shoulder dresses, or for any party look with sequined vests or say colored jeans. Apart from shrugs and plain white shirt, any wardrobe should definitely have a white tank top that would definitely look stunning if worn casually or formally. Be it faded jeans or tucked in a cocktail skirt, you can accessorize it with chunky pieces for a fashion forward look. In winters you can even carry tank tops under cardigans and jackets. Adding on you also need to have black stockings in your wardrobe. Black stockings are wardrobe essentials and definitely add glam factor to normal boring outfit. The above stated were some wardrobe essentials that women should possess. These days as trends have .pletely taken a sharp turn and besides wardrobe essentials, ladies jeans have also be.e a hot favorite topic. Ladies bottom wear are now of different types. For instance you have colored pants, palazzo pants, floral pants and many more. Denims have now taken a back seat. However, you also need to need to have tops matching your attire or the bottom wear. You can avail girls top or even buy them online. There are no ifs and buts, when it .es to online shopping. All you need to choose your product and place your order. But you need to be sure about what you are purchasing. This is because, though trends have taken a new turn but any wrong make can lead to fashion disasters. So therefore, you indeed have to be careful about what you wear and what not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: