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Wang Zheng attended the conference on crutches "red" and Sun Qian talk about parenting "Red Guard" Trailer Hibiscus Xi aunt sun Qian for 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army uniform Tencent entertainment Gift Show "Red Guard" conference held in Beijing yesterday, the "Red Guards" creative Tong Zhang, Wang Zheng, Sun Qian, Zhao Longhao and others all appeared, with the media and fans intimate interaction, and share the story behind the "Red Guard". Which starred Wang Zheng wounded attended the conference, hand crutches, fans of concern condolences and flowers to express love. It is reported that the Red Guard will be landing in October 24th, Beijing satellite tv. Wang Zheng adds new old wounds healed wound was made to fight the "Red Guards" conference at the scene, Wang Zheng was injured, action is inconvenient, attended the press conference on crutches to media and fans have expressed deep sympathy and concern. That Wang Zheng is with Ekin Cheng, Qing Jia et al. Shooting hero fantasy theme movie "magic" to War Within Three Kingdoms · today the conference site, surprise fans said distressed. In an interview that Wang Zheng said in the hamstring problem, "War Within Three Kingdoms · there are many scenes of illusion", will inevitably be injured during the filming, not a big problem, and his personal action and play particularly love, enjoy the filming process. "Abstinence Department aphrodisiac" Wang Zheng and mom sunqian discuss energy-saving conference Wang Zheng dressed in black leather, simple but yet bright, metrosexual man full range of children. Fans and the media are increasingly upward trend of Wang Zheng Yan said: Wang Zheng toxic. This is a group of "cold and tough" system after exposure of the large outdoor Wang Zheng related deep, Wang Zheng in the film cold warm outside more than nostalgic green suction eye, more netizens said the "abstinence Department aphrodisiac" feeling the sentence should not forever in the commotion. The "Red Guards", according to the exposure of the footage, Wang Zheng plays "Yang Jianbang" is the upright but lovely young generation, but serious and humorous, it is "cold humor" spokesperson. In a corner of the film star Wang Zheng Yang Jianbang, unlike Sun Tong as the "Dai Xiangtao" character, the way, the two complementary people first learned during the tear forced have daily, hands-on, and they led the Reds team in the process of drawing important escort, and will experience what kind of difficult all resistance, by looking forward. Conference site Wang Zheng and Sun Qian frequent exchange of two children by the child, and humor, said the Red Guard crew now has three red baby scene atmosphere, lively. Wang Zheng quickly swept the big screen game challenge since the metrosexual Man Wang Zheng "" the pretender "in" Guo aide "corner" Red Guard known to every family, in addition to "," anti terrorist commandos "" Oriental battlefield "and other works has been ranked the ratings list forefront, and whether it is" anti terrorist commandos "in the simple and honest" Wang Tiebao "or" Oriental "to learn more knowledge of the battlefield of the professor, Wang Zheng and so on in the switch, the main theme of the works in a sitting mat. Besides the amazing performance on TV, Wang Zheng in the film is more effective, said earlier in the movie "save my partner in" Mr. Andy Lau in brave police captain. The heroic fantasy theme.相关的主题文章: