Wang Chieh jailed, charity crime how to remove the veil-beself

Wang Chieh jailed, "how charity crime" veil to according to Xinhua news agency, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Baise Longlin County People’s court 13 publicly announced the original "Baise student network responsible person Wang Chieh rape, fraud, rape and sentenced the defendant Wang Chieh fifteen years imprisonment for fraud and sentenced to a period of one year and six months in prison, graft decided to implement sixteen years in prison. The public, such as the "late justice", and for more poor girls, how to fundamentally prevent the network from the essence, to eliminate the name of charity in the girls’ sexual crime, it is a more serious issue. Similar to Wang Chieh’s sexual crime, there are many difficulties in identifying, preventing and punishing. On the one hand, this kind of folk charity who have contact with the poor girl’s convenience, because "love", "charity" natural intimacy, a lot of girls against malicious package which may lack sufficient readiness and ability to resist. When the event is for infringement, by coercion, or social discrimination such as consideration, tolerance tolerance. On the other hand, the school, the family and the relevant government departments are often lack of pre intervention, it is difficult to really play a monitoring role, most of the time, the main responsibility in the care of the girls have become the last person. This is directed at the school and the relevant departments to prevent ineffective or even completely absent, etc.. Therefore, it is necessary to Wang Chieh as a ring, really for the poor girls woven from a network of care. In addition to the responsibility of the family should be implemented, more protection, awareness, the relevant departments can not be absent. We should not only strengthen the sex education for girls, improve the ability to identify, can discover all sorts of strange and prevent further damage, but also to strengthen the supervision of non-profit organization, can not think that as long as it is good to let things drift, it is completely out of control. It must be understood that it is not a conflict to encourage civil society to release love and necessary supervision. Put at the same time, but also the tube, to strengthen the supervision of things, which is the original meaning of social governance problems.相关的主题文章: