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Medicine Vitamin water is another way for you to get the nutrients and vitamins you need, without having to remember to take a vitamin pill every day. Many types of vitamin waters are created to give you a balance, as a sport drink would as well. Vitamin water includes the use of water, which your body needs to stay hydrated and to ‘work’ properly, but it is also going to include the liquid vitamins that will give your body the replenishment it needs to continue on with the sport or activity that you are working at. To give you a better look at what is in some of the vitamin water drinks you may have seen we are going to list the most popular ingredients found in vitamin water. This includes protein, carbohydrates, fat, niacin which is also known as b3, pantothenic acid, which is also known as b5, vitamin b6, folic acid, and biotin, as well as vitamin b12. While you are not seeing vitamin A, C, and more, you can read the back of the vitamin water label you are going to purchase to see exactly what is in the drink of your choice. When you do not see a particular vitamin on a label, you are not going to be getting that vitamin in your drink. Look for a .plete listing of vitamins and what you want in your drink to be sure you get all the nutrients and vitamins in your daily routine. Vitamin water sometimes is not all it is advertised to be, if you are looking at a fake. Some water bottles are going to sound like they are vitamin water, but they are not really. What is important and so you can tell the difference is that you read the labels. While a water may say sports water, it doesn’t mean there is actually anything added to the water to make it a sports drink that is valuable for your body overall. You want to read the labels, and find out exactly what is added to the water so you know for sure what you are paying money for. After all, if they’re really is not any vitamins added to the vitamin water you are seeing on the web page or at the local retailers, you might as well be drinking the water from you tap and get the same refreshing results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: