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Visit uncle home quest Lugu Lake Mosuo people – tourism Sohu I realized the "Heroes" Uncle four years ago, he is the Mosuo people, marriage is a lifetime family, everywhere, is a sensible man. Mosuo people living mainly in Yunnan, Sichuan common Lugu Lake, about forty thousand people, the Mosuo people not called "Mosuo", in the specific identity information, Yunnan was designated as the Naxi Mosuo people, Sichuan was designated as the Mongolian Mosuo people. This designation is controversial, it also explains the complexity of the identity of the Mosuo people. Mosuo people is only China still exist a matriarchal society, the man does not marry, women do not marry. "" take "system, but in the modern society, it also develops rapidly, the traditional marriage has become less and less, but still uncle. Uncle lived in Lugu Lake Yongning Township on the wave Village, he is now with the old grandmother living together, he had a sister, but a few years ago died, her children after graduation did not return home, settled in the field already married. Massage shuttle custom in the home is women in charge, now money is also uncle to give the old grandmother custody, male, uncle besides doing farm work, home to some entertaining guests or outside or to him to do. According to the traditional, old grandmother, sister, sister and daughter is the succession of the family. In the house of Mosuo people think highly of rank relations, grandmother "grandmother" in the best room, always in the left hand side of the fireplace, and the home temperature is restless. Uncle grandma is 79 years old, in good health, usually in addition to do some simple job, is chanting pond edge, tired by sleep. Mosuo people all Buddhist Tibetan Buddhism, the Buddha is a lot of old people work. Uncle’s house for more than and 100 years, is the most traditional Mosuo people in the room without windows, there are three doors, which in the past is to guard against theft and robbery of the beast. The whole house is wood and stone with the construction, the outside look shaky, but the interior is very strong, although the old house, the subject is wood, safe, there is no window in the room is too dark. This house is indoor fire, no windows and a chimney, but because the roof ventilation in the room, not rope smoke, is the whole roof is black. Mosuo women in charge, especially at home are big or small by the woman to control, man eating, working at night is to love a woman "walking marriage". But the family’s old grandmother can’t do what, even advanced in age, cooking is a problem. Then a woman came into their lives. Her uncle is titled the daughter-in-law, and with them a village, they are good for decades, they have a pair of children. Uncle Frank he Zouhun heroes not only that a young woman, walked more, but only with this woman had a child. Master said the Mosuo people take the marriage of a child is not arbitrary, is a serious thing, only recognized the woman you will give your child. Uncle of the woman to the house to help cook, wash clothes, then bear most of the daily chores at home. Their.相关的主题文章: