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"Undefeated legend" blood beta today Hao sent 500W 7.4 CGWR score | unbeaten novice card booking area lead: third generation legend war Tour "by glaciers self-developed network undefeated legend" blood beta open today, then, a new copy will be fully open, Shacheng scenes to subvert the traditional national war PVP paralysis series battle mode, more new is the spirit system to open a new door to help in the play equipment, and the three game player in the battlefield to kill four! Today to enter the game, the more 500W gifts welfare wayward receive, no threshold gets 5930 yuan over the trench spree, cool to play for two hours to obtain 20 yuan QB! Undefeated legend > > > open service time: Today 13 new service [Fire] name: [] [] [new daily award is the spirit support system PK] is the spirit of new daimon daimon system to help PK everything has its spirit, the weapon is no exception, in the new version of "Legend" unbeaten is the spirit system, weapons will have its own is the spirit, in the game player to display their skills, have a chance to come back to trigger daimon PK, each weapon has a different device corresponding to the spirit is the spirit of skills are different, game player can be set through the interface is the spirit. In the battle of PVP, is the spirit comes not only has a gorgeous cool animation, skill damage is also very impressive, or will become PVP to reverse the war ace killer. [National artifact training weapons can also be advanced artifact artifact] national culture normal weapons but also advanced artifact artifact in only a short while ago, the game only exists in the circle of nouveau riche, civilian game player experience not to fundamental artifact of happiness. "Legend" unbeaten for this pain point, in the new version will open the artifact culture, through the extractor, game player spirit is the spirit, call for inoculation spirit, strengthening is the spirit of a series of complex procedures to complete the training artifact, even ordinary weapons can no threshold advanced into the artifact let every game player have experience artifact opportunities! [civilians to develop a system called boss from civilian soldiers soul] to develop a system called boss to draw army soul in addition, activation is the spirit magic will have exclusive active skills and some passive skills such as paralysis of passive, in accordance with the development of occupation game player can switch with the goods order lifting, types of skills and artifact power get promoted. It is worth mentioning that, "will be more civilians form the artifact undefeated legend" new version, different from the traditional game artifact, buy only massive materials and endless time mall develop cost, develop the artifact material daily to drop boss game player! [innovation PVP play paralysis passive resistance opponent PVP play against passive] innovation paralysis opponent in the PVP play, "the legend of" blood beta paralysis unbeaten system will be set up personal meeting game player, game player skills through the system with passive and paralysis heart Pallu is different from the previous line, our war game group, rolling power line zhanzhuang "Legend of the" new unbeaten mode, PVP mode is more strategy of fairness, such as equipment paralysis passive passive anti paralysis by triggering the game player.相关的主题文章: