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Uber launch VTOL aircraft research provides a short flight service station of Recode Chinese in last week’s Nantucket Conference conference, Uber Product Manager Geoff · Holden (Jeff Holden) said, Uber is concerned about the new traffic mode: short distance flight service in the city. The service, named VTOL (vertical takeoff), is still at the research stage, Holden said. "One day in the future, we can provide users with as much travel options as possible." "It’s clear that the three-dimensional traffic is a point of concern," he pointed out. Holden said in an interview that the concept will be applied in the next 10 years. However, considering the complexity of air travel in densely populated areas, the plan is very radical. (VTOL aircraft may also have a collision in the air.) Holden had previously worked for Amazon and Groupon. He participated in the Uber launch unmanned vehicle project in Pittsburgh recently. He pointed out that a few years ago, when Uber CEO Travis ·, Travis Kalanick first mentioned this technology, Uber began to accelerate the research of this technology. VTOL represents the larger target of Uber, but it is still a concept at the moment, far away from the actual application. In simple terms, the VTOL aircraft can take off and hovering vertically, similar to a helicopter. However, unlike those of traditional helicopters, these aircraft are equipped with multiple horizontal rotors, and may be designed with fixed wing, and even use batteries to provide power, and the mute performance is better. Like a car, such an aircraft may also be autopilot. Although the Uber plan is still in its infancy, the concept of "ubiquitous airport" is very interesting. Holden said that such a vehicle could land on the roof of a high building in a city, thereby significantly reducing commuting time and traffic congestion. In his vision, many people can use this device together, similar to the carpool service UberPool. Uber had previously provided helicopter services, but it was more for marketing purposes. So far, the research on vertical take-off and landing equipment is mainly driven by the military. For example, the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has proposed VTOL experimental aircraft project, "the goal is to solve these challenges by combining the advantages of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, as well as the development and integration of innovation system, promote the optimization and a vertical cruise flight capability". At present, there are many companies and big companies around the world who are studying VTOL. In the near future, Airbus has released a study on the city ‘s "air taxis", which can be carried by a "air taxi". "Aviation Week" reported last month: "A3 of the Airbus’s Silicon Valley laboratory has developed a single passenger plane through the Project Vahana project. The Airbus internal and external developers have agreed on the design of the aircraft, and the prototype will be flying at the end of 2017. " Of course, there are many regulatory and security issues to be addressed in this type of aircraft. However, Holden is very enthusiastic about this concept. "It will change the way the city, and the way we work and life, will change," he said. He also points out that the goal of Uber is to make people no longer need to buy private cars. "VTOL is another way to achieve this goal," he said. He believes that it is a faster and more efficient way to travel, which can reduce traffic jams like between San Francisco and Oakland. It needs to be pointed out that VTOL is not a new concept. In 1493, Da Vinci proposed the idea of "air propeller". (compiled Chen Hua)

Uber启动垂直起降飞行器研究 提供短途飞行服务Recode中文站 在上周的Nantucket Conference大会上,Uber产品负责人杰夫·霍尔登(Jeff Holden)表示,Uber正关注新的交通出行方式:城市里的短距离飞行服务。霍尔登表示,这一服务名为VTOL(垂直起降),目前仍处于研究阶段。“未来某天,我们可以向用户提供尽可能多的出行选择。”他指出,“很明显,立体式交通是值得关注的一点。”霍尔登在接受采访时表示,这样的概念将在未来10年中得到应用。不过,考虑到人口稠密地区的空中出行存在复杂问题,这一计划显得非常激进。(VTOL飞行器还有可能在空中发生碰撞。)霍尔登此前曾供职于亚马逊和Groupon。他近期参与了Uber在匹兹堡推出无人驾驶汽车的项目。他指出,在几年前Uber CEO特拉维斯·卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)最初提到这项技术之后,Uber就开始加速这项技术的研究。VTOL代表了Uber更远大的目标,然而目前这仍是个概念,距离实际应用还有遥远的距离。简单来说,VTOL飞行器能够垂直起降并悬停,类似于直升飞机。然而与传统直升飞机不同,这些飞行器安装了多个水平转子,并可能采用固定翼设计,甚至使用电池来提供动力,并且静音性能更好。与汽车类似,这样的飞行器也可能是自动驾驶的。尽管Uber的计划仍处于起步阶段,但“无所不在的机场”概念很令人关注。霍尔登谈到,这样的飞行器可以在城市高楼的楼顶降落,从而大幅减少通勤时间和交通拥堵。在他的设想中,许多人可以共同使用这一设备,类似拼车服务UberPool。Uber此前曾提供过直升机服务,但这更多地是出于营销目的。到目前为止,垂直起降设备的研究主要由军方推动。例如,美国国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)曾提出了VTOL实验飞机项目,“目标是通过结合固定翼和旋翼飞机的优点解决这些挑战,以及开发并集成创新的子系统,推动垂直和巡航飞行能力的大幅优化”。目前,全球有许多创业公司和大公司正在研究VTOL。近期,空中客车发布了一项关于城市里“空中出租车”的研究结果,这样的“空中出租车”可以载人载货。上月“Aviation Week”报道称:“空客的硅谷实验室A3已通过Project Vahana项目开发了单乘客飞机。空客内部和外部的开发者已经就飞行器设计达成了一致意见,原型机将于2017年底试飞。”当然,这类飞机还有许多监管和安全性问题需要解决。不过,霍尔登对于这一概念非常热心。他表示:“这将给城市,以及我们工作生活的方式带来改变。”他同时指出,Uber的目标是让人们不再需要购买私家车。他表示:“VTOL是实现这一目标的另一种方式。”他认为,这是一种更快、更有效的出行方式,可以减少类似旧金山和奥克兰两地之间的交通拥堵。需要指出,VTOL并不是新概念。1493年,达芬奇就提出了“空中螺旋桨”的设想。(编译 陈桦)相关的主题文章: