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U.S. presidential election Guide: the 7 issue of the presidential campaign debate – Sohu news September 26th, the U.S. presidential election in 2016, the first presidential debate will be held at Hof University in New York. Since 1960, it has become a tradition of American political life. So, how is the presidential debate organized? How will the debate be held this year? Surging news () to sort out the seven issues related to the debate. 1 who organized the debate? Established in 1987, the Commission on presidential debates is an independent, nonpartisan private organization ", according to its website, it is not controlled by the party or outside the organization, will not support or oppose any candidates and parties, nor from the government, political parties, political action committee and the candidates receive funds. It has organized all U.S. presidential debates since 1988. The committee said that the debate is an important way for voters to understand the candidates, but in 1988, the debate from time to time, therefore, in 1987, the organization is hasty, the president of the two democratic and Republican National Committee jointly support the establishment of this committee. At present, the former Republican National Committee Chairman Fallon Kopf (Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.) and former Clinton administration of press secretary Makori (Mike McCurry) as co chairman of the committee, in addition to 14 former government officials, think tanks and school leaders, media and business people volunteered to be members of the council. It is the source of funding for the organization of debate activities, as well as a small number of enterprises, foundations and individuals, but these donors have no right to interfere with the activities of the commission. 2 why is there a debate? According to the introduction of the debate on the Commission website, the United States presidential debate history can be traced back to 1858, Republican candidate Lincoln and Democratic candidate Douglas elected Illinois senator, has held 7 field on slavery and federal debate. In the 1948 Republican primary and the Democratic primary in 1956, the two parties also held a debate. The most famous debate took place in 1960, when Kennedy, the Democratic candidate, played against Republican candidate, Senator Nixon. At that time, the TV is still a new thing vividly presents the two candidates in the style differences, young Kennedy because of its outstanding performance by the audience’s favor. According to the the Atlantic monthly reported on September, in the years after the presidential debate, there are some moments to the audience left a deep impression. The Commission’s website said that for a long time, about 70% of voters believed that the debate had some help in their decision, so the Committee wanted to hold on to the debate. However, the the Atlantic monthly analysis said that in the debate, the candidates show their personal image is often more important than the actual content of their speech. A number of U.S. media also said that the debate on the impact of voters actually did not imagine so much, many voters in the debate before the election has been good to whom. 3 who can take part in the debate? According to the debate Committee, candidates in the debate need to be in the constitution.相关的主题文章: