Two refusal of bone marrow matching by the parents of the

Two parents declined bone marrow type two parents declined bone marrow type Amanda is wearing a mask, Yuan Tongyun couples to Amanda is no longer a cold, because of poor living in rural areas, the environment, and Amanda suffering from leukemia, once the cold, difficult to cure. "Now there are two stages of chemotherapy, the effect is quite obvious, followed by 6 stages of chemotherapy, the doctor said that the cost of 400 thousand ~60 yuan." Yuan Tongyun says, however, doctors say that bone marrow transplants are needed if you want to ensure no recurrence after chemotherapy and complete cure. Yuan Tongyun didn’t go to work, one at home with his daughter amanda. Because he and his wife and relatives, both to the hospital to carry out the bone marrow matching, but not successful, he also do not want to go out to work, and want to accompany her daughter. However, Yuan Tongyun didn’t give up. He found that the chance of bone marrow matching was very large, so he began to search for Liu Tang everywhere. Because Liu Tang mobile phone number has been changed, Yuan Tongyun has found many friends through his experience of driving forklift around the periphery, and finally met Liu Tang at the appointed place. "In the middle of July, I found him, but because two of us had not met, he did not believe me. At the beginning of September, I took my wife to find him again, this time he believed, but he said the two have Never mind, we declined. In the middle of September, we contacted him again, and he was politely refused. " Yuan Tongyun said, Liu Tang was not willing to match, there must be his pain, "I will not force him, but I will not give up the hope of saving Xiaoxi."

亲生父母 两次婉言拒绝骨髓配型   亲生父母 两次婉言拒绝骨髓配型   小茜之所以戴着口罩,是袁通云夫妇为了小茜不再感冒,因为身在农村,环境较差,而小茜身患白血病,一旦感冒,就难治愈。   “现在进行了两个阶段的化疗,效果还是比较明显,后续还有6个阶段的化疗,医生说需要费用40万~60万元。”袁通云说,但是,医生表示,如果要想保证化疗后不复发,彻底治愈,则需要进行骨髓移植。   袁通云没再出门打工了,一心在家陪着养女小茜。因为他和妻子以及亲朋,都到医院进行了骨髓配型,但没有成功,他也无心再外出打工,就想多陪陪女儿。   不过,袁通云也没有放弃,他通过网上查询,得知亲生父母骨髓配型成功几率非常大,于是,他开始四处寻找刘唐。因为刘唐手机号码已换,袁通云便通过自己曾经在周边开铲车的经历,找了很多朋友,终于在约定的地方见到了刘唐。   “7月中旬,我找到了他,但因为我们两人没见过面,他并不相信我。9月初,我带着妻子再次找到他,这次他相信了,但他说两家已经没有关系,婉言拒绝了我们。9月中旬,我们再次联系他,还是被他婉言拒绝了。”袁通云说,刘唐不愿意配型,肯定有他的苦衷,“我也不会强求他,但我不会放弃救小茜的希望。”相关的主题文章: