Two men for 20 yuan a person strike violently half an ear was cut off (video)-running man 20130908

Two men for 20 yuan a person strike violently half an ear cut off the newspaper news (chief reporter Xie Bin) two people in a labor market for migrant workers, and the village people, but 20 yuan because of a dispute, two people strike violently were injured. The scene of the incident besmeared with blood yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the eastern suburbs of Xi’an near the half way, also can be seen on the ground with blood. According to one witness, the dispute happened yesterday morning around 9 a.m., which was two men. At that time, there was a dispute about a labor market near half way, which seemed to be the reason for the divergence of labor costs. "I don’t see two people fight, but walking, a man lying on the ground, head and ears are bleeding, the scene of the police for the injured umbrella rain." The witness told the reporter that he had only seen the injured. Another witness told the reporter that the man was also injured when he fled, but the injury seemed not to be serious. After a dispute for 20 yuan, the reporter came to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University. Learned from the doctor, the injured surnamed Liu, 40 year old, who had multiple wounds, has finished the inspection and debridement, are resuscitation room infusion. At the door of the emergency room, the reporter saw Mr. Liu, the cousin of the wounded. According to him, the heaviest part of Master Liu’s injuries was in the ear and hands, and about half of his ears were cut off. The man who cut about 30 years old, with Master Liu live in white deer, or village people. At that time, two people worked with a boss. When they settled the money, they had a dispute with Master Liu for 20 yuan, and cut them down. The reporter from the police red police learned that two people at that time is 20 yuan service fee from the dispute. At present, the police are chasing people with their families. Note: video is only for extended reading. The woman for 10 yuan compensation 26 thousand yuan each strike violently

两男子为20元钱大打出手 一人半个耳朵被砍掉本报讯(首席记者谢斌)两人同在一个劳务市场等待务工,又是邻村人,却因20元起争执,大打出手,两人都不同程度受伤。 事发现场血迹斑斑 昨日上午,记者赶到事发的西安东郊半引路附近时,还可见到地面上的斑斑血迹。据一位目击说,事发昨天上午9点左右,发生争执的是两名男子,当时同在半引路附近一家劳务市场等活,争执原因好像是因为劳务费产生分歧。 “我并没有看到两人动手打架的过程,但路过时,一名男子躺到地上,头上和耳朵都在流血,现场的民警还为伤者撑伞避雨。”这位目击者告诉记者,他当时只看到伤者。另一名目击者告诉记者,砍人男子在逃离时也受了伤,但伤情好像不太严重。 为20元劳务费起争执 随后,记者来到了收治伤者的西安医学院第二附属医院。从医生处了解到,伤者姓刘,今年40岁,身上有多处刀伤,目前已做完检查和清创缝合,正在抢救室里输液。在急诊室门口,记者见到了伤者的表弟刘先生,据他讲,刘师傅伤的最重的部位在耳后侧和手部,约半个耳朵被砍掉。砍人者约30岁,与刘师傅同住在白鹿原上,还是邻村人。当时两人同为一个老板打工,结算工钱时就为20元劳务费与刘师傅发生争执,并将其砍伤。 记者又从出警的红旗派出所了解到,两人当时确为20元劳务费起了争执。目前警方正在与家属一起追查砍人者。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 女子为争10元钱大打出手 赔偿对方2万6千元相关的主题文章: