Two animal protection zibet breaking risk into the food of the villagers alarm Beijing released –

Two animal protection zibet "breaking" risk into the food of the villagers alarm Beijing Beijing – released in October 25 Kunming Xinhua (Ma Qiantian Ren Mei Lu Hongzhang) a "little monster" broke into a village, almost a meal. Fortunately, the villagers timely alarm, little monster in the forest police help, and finally return to nature. 25 reporters from the Forest Public Security Bureau of Yunnan Prefecture of Wenshan province was informed that the home town of Malipo County, Tianbao Chengzi Village Ms. Zhu family No. 18 in the morning to a casual visitor". A dog will be a "little monsters" thrust into their home, the "little monster" looks like a cat like animal, the body covered with leopard, saw the man, looks very fierce. Ms. Zhu did not know what the "monster" is a small animal, let the village people to recognize that some people say wildcat, others say that is not a small leopard. There are people that simply kill him, try venison. "I think the little guy should be released to the wild animal protection, and then call the phone alarm for help in forest public security." Zhu said. Pictured police will be "little monsters" to identify. Photo by Zhong Xin after receiving the alarm, Malipo county forest police rushed to Ms. Zhu, wild animal leopard tank will be "little monsters" back to identify. The Yunlin judicial identification center, the "little monsters" as the two national key protected animal zibet. See weak zibet, police analysis, may be hungry, come out in search of food, it is chasing the dog. Through several days of observation, zibet mental state and physical state of good recovery, the police will be brought to the Laoshan zibet Provincial Nature Reserve released. Zibet name musk cat, belonging to the family Viverridae, naturally alert, good at climbing trees, is also good at swimming, in order to capture the game often wade in, but the main activities on the ground. Zibet often because of trade or as a pharmaceutical ingredient is hunting, and led to a sharp reduction in quantity due to the pollution of the environment, is listed as the two national key protected animal, and selected the international trade in endangered species convention Annex III (CITES). (end)相关的主题文章: