Trumpchi gs8 Shenzhen International Auto Show released 169 thousand and 800 pre-sale soojin

Trumpchi GS8 Shenzhen International Auto Show in October 1st 169 thousand and 800 issued pre-sale, GAC trumpchi articles GS8 officially unveiled at the Shenzhen international auto show, the sale of the conference site attracted a lot of attention GS8 friends, long-awaited GS8 in the day finally peeled off the veil of mystery. GAC trumpchi Southern China regional leadership, GAC trumpchi Shenzhen area 4S store general manager of Shenzhen, a number of news media and the majority of owners to participate in the pre release ceremony. Trumpchi GS8 pre-sale range of 16.98-25.98 yuan, of which the main models of luxury Zhaopin version of the pre-sale price of not more than 190 thousand yuan, the price is worth looking forward to. Trumpchi GS8, trumpchi equipped with the second generation 320T engine, maximum power 145kW, peak torque of 300Nm, matching the 6 speed tiptronic transmission, has a large 4810*1910*1770 of body and space, equipped with the one and only longitudinal rectangular type LED headlamps and luxurious leather seats are 7. The new super large panoramic sunroof, 7 inch color liquid crystal instrument, 360 degree panoramic parking, give you new experience new visual, automatic constant temperature air conditioning area three, leather multifunction steering wheel, and the front seat three high temperature model of intelligent heating and ventilation function. Carply& Carlie smart phone interconnection system + mobile phone wireless charging function, the second generation PEPS keyless entry and a key to start, to a greater extent to meet the needs of users to facilitate the use of the car.      相关的主题文章: