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Home-and-Family Even these days, one significant obstacle for every parent is potty training. Right now there are a lot of re.mended methods for toilet training boys and girls. It can be puzzling to review all the various ways and to experiment with various programs and products. This is not good for your little ones because they might get confused. What Specific Methods are there for Potty Training Boys? If you have a little boy, it is agreed by most specialists that the best way to potty train is to teach him to sit down whether he needs to pee or poop. This is re.mended so as not to perplex him during the initial phase. Besides, it is hard to teach a kid to differentiate at the beginning and also to make use of two different bowls or pieces of equipment. Once he is totally trained that’s the time when you can lead him to the advanced training stage, which is to urinate while standing – just like his daddy and brothers. Bear in mind that it is essential to align your way of toilet training boys with the way your kid is being taught in school or daycare. By doing this, his learning will be strengthened and you can stay clear of confusion. Below are some techniques you can use for toilet training boys: Potty Chair in Restroom Place a toilet chair in the bathroom and be sure that it appears similar to your toilet. It would also be helpful to allow your child to select his toilet chair. Let your kid see you and other family members using the toilet. At this age, little boys like copying adults. Be sure to use a potty chair that can be put on the actual bowl as your child progresses in potty training, so he used to it. Also ensure that his feet are firmly planted on the ground or perhaps on a stool, so he will not feel un.fortable. Regular Toilet Breaks You can schedule potty breaks for your kid on a regular basis even if he doesn’t need to go. Let him sit on the toilet chair from time to time and have him associate a certain book or toy with it. For example, you may read a toilet training book to him while he is seated there or just have him play with a specific toy. Make use of Praise and Rewards When you see your little boy squirming or showing indications that he is about to urinate or have his bowel movement, make sure to hurry him to the toilet chair so that he can get used to it. When he attempts to tell you that he needs to go or even just does so with a motion, you should praise him or use a reward chart with stickers. Certainly toilet training boys can be quite challenging, so prepare to be very patient. Soon you’ll enjoy the fantastic benefit of saying bye-bye to baby diapers .pletely! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: