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Tragedy! 7 month old boy died after drinking milk! Sohu maternal 16 evening about 9:10, emergency hospital of Eastern Hospital of Yangzhou City, a 7 month old boy died. Reporters learned that the baby is his parents from Hangzhou sent hospital. According to eyewitnesses, about 8:30 that night, the couple took the children to the hospital two, while running shouting help". The child was blue in the face. It is understood that the baby is only 7 months old. That night, the mother fed the baby. After a while, the children suddenly cough a few, then began to shortness of breath, and take out the phenomenon of milk. Parents rushed to the hospital. After a doctor about 40 minutes of rescue, the child is still no vital signs, doctors regret to announce his death. Why do children choke milk? Choking is a very common phenomenon for little babies, there are usually two reasons: the first reason is that the contents of the stomach through esophageal reflux after the child breathing to stimulate the throat, or into the trachea, causing strong reflection, resulting in children cough. The second reason is the child at the breast, because the trachea closed well, laryngeal cartilage softening condition, when feeding a little milk into the trachea, causing the child severe cough. Severe choking milk may cause milk to stimulate the respiratory tract, there is inflammation of the reaction, but the vast majority of cases, will not cause such a problem, as long as the choking milk resolved, the situation will return to normal. How does darling choke milk to do? ? 1, severe choking hold 4 minutes emergency time baby choking, do not rush to solve health problems, should first observe the baby’s crying and complexion, if the baby lips or facial cyanosis, dyspnea and so on, which means the baby’s situation is very dangerous, should immediately call 120, and first aid. Emergency? Tips: choking the best rescue time is only 4 minutes, parents should immediately leave the baby body and lying on the side, with the hand beat back the baby. Palm micro nest, pat on the back into a hollow palm, causing the baby’s body vibration, so that the baby spit out the liquid into the choking. ? 2, slight choking of postural drainage if the baby choking cough only (no face bruising) mild, can let the baby lying in the adult leg, upper body leaning forward 45-60 degrees, and hard to beat back 4-5 times to tracheal milk out to. ? 3, cleaning the mouth and nose when the baby vomit choke into the trachea after the milk, with a clean gauze wrapped finger extends into the baby’s mouth, the milk clean, avoid the baby inhale milk again by inhalation of the trachea. And then check the baby’s nose! If there is residual liquid milk nasal, gently wipe with clean cotton swab. Remember, first clean the mouth, and then clean up the nasal cavity. ? 4, again to confirm the situation of the baby after treatment of the above three points, to observe the situation of the baby: if this time the baby crying, rose red face, the baby has the respiratory tract unobstructed, almost no matter.相关的主题文章: