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Tongshicaoge behind: into the dormitory to see civilization – Beijing tongshicaoge behind: into the dormitory to see civilization into college students "civilized form" — the "small dormitory civilization" series of investigation (Part one) at the beginning of the new semester, Medical University Of Anhui "take rice brother" popular network. The man with a clothes pole carried 8 boxes to take away the roommate of the boy, was called a good roommate. With rice brother popular network, the network also led to a good roommate discussion. University dormitory although there is only one place, but college students spend most of their time in school, carrying the common growth of memories, but also the students to "develop the social civilization". Banyuetan reporters visited several universities in Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Shanxi, the warm story of college students in the dormitory of the record. To book friends: in the bedroom "mini library" although not take food for a roommate, but her roommate is bring spiritual food. Cheng Ying, a student at the Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, has a lot of books to read, as well as a roommate and other students to read. "I would like to borrow this" history of Chinese philosophy ", I would like to borrow the lonely survivor……" Cheng Ying in the bedroom set up a "mini library" very popular, the surrounding dormitory students often borrow books. Cheng Ying’s collection is based on classic ancient books and domestic and foreign masterpieces. "In the bedroom can be very convenient to borrow their favorite books, this feeling is very good." Often come to the library students Xu Xia Ying Ying said, most of the books I have read Cheng Ying, she is a good roommate in our eyes. Cheng Ying told reporters that in the past two years, she bought literature, history, politics, philosophy and other aspects of the book, a total of 215. Average annual expenditure of 2000 yuan to buy books, accounting for about one year of her living expenses of $1/5. My roommates are said, Cheng Ying is reading, reading has become one of her living habits, and love of classic books. Once read that she thinks that wonderful books must be read through intensive reading, in order to have a full book addiction. Her favorite "dream of Red Mansions", read 13 times. That’s why she didn’t go to the library to buy books. Cheng Ying family is not very rich, so she lives frugal, almost all the girls love to spend on skin care, makeup, buy clothes on the money, all spent on the purchase of books. She said: "reading gives me self education ability and opportunity in a certain extent, enrich my outlook on life and values, but also let me have a broader understanding of the world and the people themselves, bring peace of mind to me." The book of Cheng Yingai, and is willing to share her roommate spiritual food, her "mini library" has attracted many "fans", promoted her dormitory, and even the entire floor of the reading atmosphere. Resolve conflicts: several young people a piece of paper, a dinner party is full of sap, unworldly, from all over the country gathered in a small dormitory. Family background, customs and habits of the larger differences in the bedroom is inevitable. There is no contradiction is not terrible, after all, there is no major conflict of interest in the dormitory相关的主题文章: