Tonghai investment 809 million offer 20% stake in Zhao Sufei in St alloy cagliari exchange

Tonghai investment 809 million offer 20% stake in Zhao Sufei in the *ST alloy hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / Reporter Lin, editor Quan Zeyuan Prince of *ST alloy equity disputes again variable. The company held by the 13.66% largest shareholder in the company’s former Yang Xinhong shares due to ownership disputes and judicial freeze as the company second, third shareholders will be held by a total of 20% shares at the same time transfer to grab Tonghai investment. The actual control of the investment Zhao Sufei will become the new controlling shareholder of the company. *ST alloy announcement today, the company’s second largest shareholder of CMB nine and third major shareholders being group and Tonghai investment signed the "share transfer agreement". Tonghai 10.5 yuan investment in the stock price of the transferee CMB nine, the company held 47 million 400 thousand shares (representing 12.31% of total equity), the transaction price of 498 million yuan; the well group holds 29 million 621 thousand and 300 shares of the company stock price to 10.5 yuan (7.69% of total share capital), the transaction price of 311 million yuan. The total transaction amounted to 809 million yuan. From the transaction price, the price of 10.5 yuan shares higher than the closing price of the company closed at $9.25 per share, a premium of about $13.5%. In view of the *ST alloy at present no actual control of the situation, after the completion of changes in equity, Tonghai investment will hold 77 million 21 thousand and 300 shares of *ST alloy, accounting for about 20% of the total share capital of the company, will become the largest shareholder of the company and the controlling shareholder. Back *ST alloy announcement in August of this year, due to the CMB 3 and Yang Xinhong, the imperial contract dispute case, the Jiangxi Provincial Higher People’s Court issued the No. 46 (2016) Jiangxi Chinese to assist implementation of the notice, the securities depository and Clearing Corporation Limited Shenzhen branch to apply for frozen Yang Xinhong held 52 million 600 thousand shares of the company as the lawsuit security companies account for about 13.659% of the total share capital. Freeze date from August 22, 2016 to August 21, 2019. The way out of the sea Investment in October 26, 2016 this year to set up in Xinjiang, but Zhao Sufei has revealed the head control in the capital of Xinjiang circle brand. Public data shows, since May 2015, Zhao Sufei served as chairman of the board of supervisors since 2008 Tianshun shares; served as executive director of the Xinjiang financial sea Investment Limited since 2010; the Xinjiang SME venture capital director of Limited by Share Ltd since March 2012; Ren Xinjiang Tonghai equity investment partnership (limited partnership) partner since August 2013; Ren Xinjiang Tianshan rural commercial bank director of Limited by Share Ltd in April 2015; has served as general manager of Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Xinjiang huimin. Reporter contrast relevant information found, Zhao Sufei also holds 1.35% shares of the CGA, in 2015 to participate in the latter set by the. It needs to be pointed out.相关的主题文章: