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Tomorrow begins to do these do not delay the child! Sohu maternal and child tomorrow is September 1st, the national day of primary and secondary school students. I believe that many children still feel not enjoy the game, this state is not conducive to learning the new semester. The beginning of a semester is very important, parents busy, but also for the children to do these preparations, you do it? Pure · meditation after a holiday, all day watching TV, playing games, wine and dine the joy of shopping, could be a few kids? I’m afraid I always miss, or that did not read the cartoon, did not beat the big boss bar. So, the first thing to do is to clean the child’s heart, let the child calm down into the classroom. These days, let the children feel too excited. Don’t do it, you can practice calligraphy, listen to soothing music, reading is a good choice. Go to bed and get up early to play games, watch TV until midnight, and some even play all night, woke up at noon on the second day, so the clock if you put in the classroom, can learn many things? The teacher will not stop when the child is asleep. From now on, the provisions must go to bed before the child is 10, what is naturally wake up don’t think, make an early alarm clock, the best time to go to school and a few days later with the child’s biological clock will gradually adjust to the state of the school day. Do not wait until after school to adjust, after school, there are a lot of things to do after school. Read · see the tension of life back again, a holiday didn’t read children, don’t expect him to immediately enter into the state of learning. So, let the children sit down and read before the opening, the content does not need to be authoritative and professional, as long as the child is love can help children win their hearts over, but also to expand children’s knowledge. Don’t let your children see the sunset, the first thought is: so many birds, really good, really good! Reading can make children’s mind is: "flies and the sunset sky." Make plans during the summer lazy, do not seem to be in the plan, arbitrary, anyway, there is no test waiting for their own. But learning can not do without planning. In order to learn an arrangement, a motivating their learning goals, will help children get better grades. So, before the start of the new semester, parents can ask children to talk about the heart, ask the child to study this term plan, when necessary to give children proper guidance and help children learn time management, and improve the children’s ability of self management. Give the child some vision, such as school students can see, can be together happy learning, happy to play, this will let the children full of longing and expectation for the new semester, trying to get back to the campus. Equipment ready to think that we go to school that time, the only thing that can make their expectations of the new semester, I am afraid that is to buy a new bag and new stationery. Each child will never be a bag, book!相关的主题文章: