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To improve their English listening please adhere to these five steps [Abstract] how to improve their English listening ability is that many students are concerned, there are many ways to improve their English listening ability, but the most effective method is the most direct and simple is the five, we get the final results only insist on. How to improve their English listening ability (course) this is a lot of students are concerned, there are many ways to improve their English listening ability, but the most effective method is the most direct and simple is the five, only adhere to the achievements of the last. The first is to listen to English weather reports. Some teaching tapes are designed to match beginners’ learning and deliberately slow down, which is not enough for English listening training. If you listen to the normal English, the beginner will feel hard to listen to it. The speed of English weather report is fast, but its vocabulary is simple and fixed, its content is simple, its repetition is great, and it can be verified at any time in life. It is a good textbook for listening. Second: listen to the normal speed in English, in order to accelerate the progress of listening teaching and listening a lot of broadcast material is always in line with the audience or the extent of learners deliberately slow down, although this is a workaround but also have no ground for blame, some adverse side effects. For example: 1. it is very difficult to adapt to the actual communication with foreigners and even do not understand the English they speak at the normal speed. 2. deliberately slow down, usually read every word clearly in a sentence, but in normal conversation there will be a lot of assimilation (assimilation), decreased (reduction), legato (liaision) phenomenon. Therefore, listening to normal English is very important for listening and speaking. Third: learning English from TV and movies, watching English TV, movies not only can understand Westerners’ culture and life, but also is a good opportunity to learn authentic English and improve English listening. The best film is a literary or comedy with the background of modern life. If you have a good hearing, get into the habit of not looking at subtitles. If the degree is slightly poor, do not force yourself, otherwise the English failed to learn to destroy the good mood of the appreciation of the film. In this case, you can read the subtitles first and understand the plot. If you are a TV program, you need to record it first. Then you can see it again and again. Your listening can be relaxed and relaxed, and you will improve rapidly with the increase of your understanding of the plot. Fourth: listen to the English radio of China Radio International. ChinaRadioInternational has one hour English program every morning at 7:00–8:00 and noon 11:00–12:00. The contents include domestic and foreign news, newspaper clippings and various series of special reports. In addition to standard English fluently as a radio announcer at home, also to aliens or visitors on a particular topic and recording access. The content is wide, but the vocabulary is simple and the speed of the language is moderate, which can be used to train or improve the English listening. Fifth: make good use of the tape to exercise listening and speaking abilities. Some learners are always used to reading books while listening to tapes, and taking tapes as reading aids, so that they can not achieve the purpose of listening. The tapes should be based on the training of listening and speaking abilities. In order to avoid frustration, the learners should choose the listening tapes suitable to their abilities. The first time to listen to the content of the tape, first to grasp the outline, to listen to a few more times, more and more details of the understanding. People with poor hearing can read the text first and then concentrate on each sentence. This practice helps to cultivate the concentration of attention when listening, and make your hearing progress quickly. (Education News)

提高自己的英语听力请坚持这五大步骤  [摘要]怎样提高自己的英语听力能力这是很多学生都关注的问题,提高自己的英语听力能力的方法有很多种,但是最有效最直接最简单的方法还是下面这五种,只有坚持才能取得最后的成绩。  怎样提高自己的英语(精品课)听力能力这是很多学生都关注的问题,提高自己的英语听力能力的方法有很多种,但是最有效最直接最简单的方法还是下面这五种,只有坚持才能取得最后的成绩。  第一:收听英语气象报告   有些教学录音带为配合初学者的学习,故意放慢语速,这对英语听力的训练是不够的。如果听语速正常的英语,初学者又会感到力不从心。英语气象报告的速度虽快,但词汇简单固定,内容单纯,重复的可能性大,而且在生活中随时都可以印证,是听力入门的好教材。  第二:听正常语速的英语,才能加速听力的进步   很多广播教学和听力教材总是为了配合听众或学习者的程度而故意放慢语速,这虽是无可厚非的变通方法,但也会产生一些不良的副作用。例如:1.听惯了语速放慢的英语,在与外国人的实际交往中,就很难适应,甚至听不懂他们用正常语速讲的英语。2.故意放慢语速时,通常会把一句中每个词都清楚的读出来,但在正常的会话中会出现很多同化(assimilation),减弱(reduction),连音(liaision)的现象。所以,听语速正常的英语对于听力和会话极为重要。  第三:从电视,电影中学习英语   看英文电视,电影不仅能了解西方人的文化和生活,而且也是学习地道英语和提高英语听力的好机会。选取的影片最好是以现代生活为背景的文艺片或喜剧片。如果您的听力不错,要养成不看字幕的习惯。程度稍差的就不要勉强自己,否则英语没学成反倒破坏了欣赏电影的好心情。这种情况下,您可以先看字幕了解剧情(如果是电视节目那就要先录下来),再重新看一至数遍,您的听力就可在轻松的心情下,随着您对剧情了解的增多而迅速提高。  第四:收听中国国际广播电台的英语广播  中国国际广播电台(ChinaRadioInternational)每天早上7:00–8:00,中午11:00–12:00各有一小时的英语节目。内容包括国内外新闻,剪报集锦和各类系列的专题报道。除了英语标准流利的国内播音员担任广播之外,也有向外侨或访客就某一话题而做的录音访问。内容广泛,但词汇较简单,语速亦适中,可以藉此训练或增进英语的听力。  第五:善用录音带锻炼听说能力   有些学习者总是习惯于一边看书一边听磁带,把磁带当成阅读的辅助工具,这样打不到锻炼听力的目的。录音带应该是以听说能力的训练为主。学习者要选用与自己能力相适应的听力磁带,不要急于求成,以免产生受挫心理。先反复聆听磁带内容,起先只要抓住梗概,多听几次后,对细节的了解便越来越多。听力较差的人,可先阅读课文,然后再集中精力领会每段每句的意思。这样练习有助于培养倾听时注意力的集中,使您的听力迅速进步。(教育新闻)相关的主题文章: