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To improve the control of pollutant discharge permit system – Politics – Xinhua news agency, Beijing in November 21,     recently, the State Council issued the "control plan" the implementation of emissions permit system (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), to improve the control of pollutant discharge permit system to make arrangements to implement the sewage license management units. "Plan" pointed out that the implementation of the control of pollutant emission permit system, is a concrete measure to promote the construction of ecological civilization, strengthen the environmental protection work, is an important content of system reform of basic environmental governance, which is of great significance to strengthen the control and supervision of pollutant emissions. "Plan" clearly, to 2020, complete coverage of all fixed pollution source emission permits issued, emission permit system basically established a complete legal system, pollution control technology system of scientific and efficient management system, the implementation of the whole process and multi pollutant on the stationary pollution source, coordinated control, systematic, scientific, legal fine and information, "one card" management. "Program" proposed to integrate the integration of the relevant environmental management system, the control of pollutant discharge permit system has become the core system of environmental management of fixed pollution sources. Through the implementation of emissions permit system, the implementation of enterprises pollutant emission control system, implemented by the administrative area of the total pollutant emission control to enterprises and institutions to change the total pollutant emission control, gradually unified to fixed pollution source; organic convergence of environmental impact assessment system, realize the whole process of supervision from pollution prevention to pollution control and emission control; provide uniform emission data for the relevant work, improve the management efficiency. "Program" requirements, standardized and orderly discharge permits. Development of pollution permits management directory, the industry to promote pollution permits management, and gradually achieve full coverage of sewage permits. The environmental protection departments of the local governments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the issuance of emission permits. To implement the existing laws and regulations to refine the requirements to control emissions of enterprises and institutions, according to the law to determine the license content, environmental quality standards to implement the management and more strict control on the discharge of pollutants enterprises. "Program" proposed to strictly implement the environmental protection responsibility of enterprises and institutions. In all pollution permits management of enterprises must be certified by card sewage, sewage, or undocumented sewage. Enterprises and institutions shall conduct their own monitoring, the establishment of accounting records, truthfully report the implementation of emission permits to the environmental protection department. "Program" pointed out that the environmental protection departments should strengthen supervision and management. To strictly carry out the supervision law enforcement inspection requirements, the implementation of licensing matters and key management, and severely punish illegal sewage behavior; policy comprehensive use of the market mechanism, guide enterprises to take the initiative to cut emissions. To strengthen information disclosure and social supervision, in 2017 basically completed the national sewage license management information platform, timely disclosure of corporate and institutional monitoring data and environmental protection departments to monitor law enforcement information. "Program" stressed the need to do a good job in the implementation of the control system of pollutant discharge permit. Strengthen organizational leadership, clear objectives and tasks相关的主题文章: