To coerce his wife to go home man abuse of dissatisfaction with his son also shot a video melia kreiling

To stress his wife to go home not a year old son was taken men abuse Video – Beijing Yangzi Evening News (reporter Zhu Dingzhao) the evening of 9, a man child abuse video online crazy pass, fermentation events quickly on the Internet, and caused some stars and big V network attention and forwarding, some netizens have long suspected the incident the town of Chenghai District of Shantou city. Reporter 10, learned from the police in Huaian, after the spread of the network occurred in Shantou, the news is not true, the video content of the paragraph occurred in Huaian, at present, the abuse of the baby’s paternity on suspicion of a crime by the public security organs of criminal detention. Reporters learned that the section of the video Department of the man in August this year, a pat. The reporter saw in this period of less than one minute, and a boy wearing no clothes or lying or lying in the bathroom, there was the sound of the water, next to a man with bare legs and arms on the baby, the whole video, baby is crying; and in another micro-blog, the boy is a plastic bag over the head. The video on the Internet after fermentation, immediately caused the Huaian police attention, according to the Huaian police briefing, November 9th morning, Huaian City, Qingjiang Pu branch received users report in Rongqiao Washington a man abuse biological behavior. Qingjiang Pu branch immediately arrange for verification, at noon on the 9 will be summoned to the public security organs suspect investigation. After preliminary investigation, users reflect the situation is true. Liu (female, 30 years old) because of family conflicts away from home, her boyfriend paternity (male, aged 31) for coercion Liu home, with plastic bags head, cold water body and other ways to abuse the children of two co birth. Currently, the injured children have been rescued, in good condition, and by his mother Liu care, paternity on suspicion of a crime by the public security organs of criminal detention. Reporters learned that the baby 11 year old, but the video was filmed in August this year, according to the baby mother Liu with the police investigation said that she is doing the drug sales work, usually the man with children more time, but she found that her boyfriend has occasional child abuse behavior, and two people because chores often quarrel, she left home after a quarrel in August this year, home, boyfriend took this video, and with a plastic bag over the head of the pictures to her, asking her to come home to. After returning home, two people still often trivial quarrel, but this video has been stored in the mobile phone in November 8th this year, her boyfriend, two people quarrel, she ran away from home again, unexpectedly, her boyfriend also had again to shoot video and pictures to her, asking her to come home, scared, she put this video to a friend for help, the result was a friend sent to the Internet, causing the network fermentation. Reporters learned that, at present, Huaian police are investigating the case for further.相关的主题文章: