Tianjin started the car transport governance from the 21 day double car ban on high speed-roxane hayward

Tianjin start the vehicle transport vehicle 21, "double governance car" according to the relevant regulations on the prohibition of high-speed state, decided the city traffic control department, since September 21st, prohibited the double car transport into the highway pavement; investigation of non-compliance car transport, shall be ordered to restore the status quo of vehicles, and will be punished according to law. "Double car" refers to the upper and lower two layers are double loading or upper row loading lower single row loading, transport vehicles and the car does not conform to the national standards. Belong to the heavily modified models, in accordance with national standards, vehicle transport vehicle loading capacity of 6 to 7 vehicles, illegal modification of the loading capacity of up to 21 to 24. "Single row of vehicles" refers to the single row of loading, as well as the rear loading of the passenger car at least one axle is loaded in the rear of the vehicle transport vehicles within the column, not in line with national standards of vehicle transport. Since September 21st, the traffic control department will jointly transport departments to carry out joint enforcement inspection on the road to enter the city limits the highway "double car" will be persuaded to return; refused to listen to the quanfan, punishment and forced unloading. From September 21st to June 30, 2018 this year, the temporary permission to register before the single row car transition operation. July 1, 2018 onwards, will be a total ban on non-compliance of the vehicle running on the road. (reporter correspondent Jiao Xuan, Liu Yuan, He Huiwen)相关的主题文章: