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"Three carriages" (Zhongguancun Fenti structure adjustment to the National High-tech Zone for research?) – Politics – Zhongguancun, known as the birthplace of China’s strategic emerging industries. Reporters found that in depth, talent, technology, capital has become the "new" three carriages ", to promote the Zhongguancun science and Technology Park from the science and technology innovation, emerging industries international advanced level with runners, into different fields" and "run", the local area leader". The key breakthrough, "three carriages" cohesion of Baekje China, a strange name. Here, the reporter learned that it has been in the international field of biology and medicine, blockbuster. Just five years, it brings together the top team of scientists, the first target of anti-tumor drugs, anti-tumor drugs and important drug combination therapy has been achieved domestic R & D, foreign access to clinical. The founder, Dr. Wang Xiaodong is the first director of Beijing Institute of life sciences. Global flexible combination of talent, is a new business model. High tech as the fulcrum, little point of rapid growth of the industry leader in the industry, Zhongguancun is more than 20 years of ongoing industrial legend. Today, the growth is still the main line, but the key technology breakthroughs, the layout of the forefront of the industry, is a new story. Thunis, by leveraging capital technology, through global mergers and acquisitions, across the technical barriers, quickly formed from the "core" to the "cloud" of the global industrial chain. 2015, Zhongguancun enterprises launched overseas mergers and acquisitions 37, the amount of more than $56 billion acquisition. The market is saturated, the slowdown in sales of millet, is quietly launched a new layout, based on the intelligent mobile phone, TV, routers, set-top boxes and wearable equipment five product line as the core, through foreign investment, the establishment of large data mining, analysis and application for intelligent hardware ecosystem. Seize the next tuyere, is its strategic focus. Mobile communications services variety superconducting technology, service 3D printing of liquid metal technology, the body can be kinetic energy, wave energy into the energy of the river into the nano energy system…… The key breakthrough, "three carriages" gather up together, walking in Zhongguancun, the new technology of blowing, people really feel that a new era is open. The pilot, to research funding deregulation only reform heights, is a national science and Technology Innovation Conference is a strong voice. Just a few months in the past, deregulation of new regulations in Beijing has completed research, docking, development. Do not do policy depressions, only to do reform heights". Behind the "new three carriages" force, is a huge kinetic energy pilot, Zhongguancun continued to deepen the reform of the release. As the most intensive region of our country, Zhongguancun is also a region with dense barriers. The central ministries and local institutes, universities, industry, and the permissive, self-contained. Zhongguancun science and technology park with a new mechanism of the new policy, get rid of all the restrictions and fetters hinder innovation. The construction of the first national independent innovation demonstration zone, the first national SAR personnel, the first national science and technology financial innovation pilot area; consultation work mechanism innovation; launched the "new" "Beijing school ten" Beijing branch nine "series of policy…… Reform and innovation, to break the walls of the hospital, opened相关的主题文章: