This way the car burst probability will increase 2 times – car Sohu-bloxorz

This way the car burst probability will increase 2 times – now many Sohu automobile automotive beauty shop in washing the car, will give the tire on the tire oil, is said to do maintenance to tire; but the owners are heard in maintenance, certainly will not refuse this free. For a long time, if the car wash workers did not tire of oil, the owners will remind them that they put on tire oil. Car wash workers tire tires, they say the oil will form a protective film on the surface of the tire, can reduce the damage to the sun’s rays on the tire. But as a general roadside car wash is not clean oil, which contains many chemical substances, not only can not protect the tire, corrosion will tire rubber, and the hub separation, is very dangerous. This is the result of long-term use of poor quality of the tire oil, the wheels are rusty. There are people in one or two days after the tire oil, found that the tire is dirty, hand to touch, you can touch a black. To wash the car again, regardless of the use of water guns or wipe with a rag, are useless, looks like a layer of soil. Finally, wash it with detergent. Therefore, a roadside car wash, generally do not have the good quality of tire oil, so when they want to tire oil, to come forward to stop, because the inferior oil will aggravate corrosion tire tire, tire aging, will greatly increase the chance of puncture.相关的主题文章: