This car before the winter maintenance can increase the car ten years of life (video) hypersnap-dx

This car before the winter maintenance can increase the car ten years automotive air filter maintenance and replacement of a car in the old saying, "seven points three points for daily maintenance, repair, to go to the 4S shop is unnecessary, just let us check and clean the car, ready for the autumn season. First, clean, sterilization of the summer weather is often hot and humid, the car has become a place for easy breeding of bacteria, but also the distribution of the smell of the base. Especially the cool autumn, open window opportunity is also declining, ventilation casual flavor is also more difficult, therefore, the car must be necessary cleaning sterilization. Prefer in the car floor mat, glue after buying a car in China, so the cover rubber pads, the place became a health corner, there is a suitcase. There are a lot of cars on the market, such as sauna treatment, it is recommended that you come before the autumn and winter weather to do a thorough cleaning and anti-virus. Two, windshield defrosting vent in autumn and winter season, the car is easy to form the driving hazards in Baishuang window. Where is the most prone to frost in the windshield and windows driver and the copilot on both sides, so to ensure the normal wind frost in some in various places. The first thing you need to check is whether there are a few air vents, followed by checking whether the air outlet is normal, the air outlet is high enough. Cream mouth is arranged under the front windshield in the windshield, and the driver and the copilot mat the defrosting vent some settings in the console on both sides of the air outlet at the top, there is arranged on the top of the door panel and the copilot Seeman driving.相关的主题文章: