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Thinking: tea enterprises how to do the ancient tea pure material? Sohu and map: South Beauty of ancient tea tea in 2015 "long" old and big trees and terraces of course is distinguished by the difference is, but there is very little difference from this distinction, few people would get awful to spend time and goods and alignment, clear mountain and hills, the difference between village and village this is the market norm and reality, believe that ancient pure understand this truth, of course, is truly ancient pure. This leads to a very difficult problem, you don’t have good quality products, but does not lack, but how to convey to customers, it is a problem, this is the ancient pure product experience a bad reason. The experience here refers to the purchase process, which is the way to obtain high-quality products, the process and the way of course is as simple as possible, consumers occupy the less time and effort as possible, with the rapid development of modern social economy, abundant, abundant material products, how to compete for consumer attention and attention is the key. Everyone, 24 hours, 8 hours of sleep, the rest of the businesses have the rest of the win, who can provide maximum convenience for consumers and customers buy activities, can obtain the consumer’s favor and recognition, which is now either online or offline all kinds of business website the store will experience simplified the process mentioned crucial point, why Taobao Tmall is popular, convenient ah, at home on the Internet without going out Don’t go shopping, cool! In contrast, the ancient pure experience, can buy authentic products, at least to Pu’er Tea, Dasan have a rough understanding, which has made most of the people, to the rest of the money and time, they also have some knowledge of identification, guide staff introduction and promotion, that is a question mark, from exposure to drinking, and then to buy, this is a long and complex process, the consumer point of view is not an enjoyable thing. Therefore, the ancient pure enterprises more depend on the mutual promotion, mutual acquaintances, the consumer groups and customers, the slow growth of business stagnation, a few years will reach the bottleneck, go out. This is the first road of ancient pure enterprise, small circle, the most secure, do not have anything to do, but the prospects for development. Branding and transparency of information is the only way out, and can not be separated. Let the brand, choose more simple, this is the essence of the brand, not what the quality such as, of course is not what is otherwise defective, why is the brand. The brand has a strong credibility and trust, can shorten the consumer purchase process, save time and energy consumption, think about their own course of understand this sentence is very reliable, so pure enterprises must focus on brand. The ancient pure brand is bound to face a problem, how to obtain the trust of consumers, only to solve this brand can be achieved, information transparency is the most important. Ancient pure enterprise has been faced with an embarrassing situation, how to make sure consumers drink what, really want to drink the old trees he wanted, some people drink a company for many years Iceland can not confirm相关的主题文章: